FNW Tapings - Messias vs DK James

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  1. Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall."

    Brian Messias walks out to the ring with the FNW Championship on his shoulder, he jogs quickly down to the ring and walks up the steel steps, steps between the ropes and into the ring.

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Brantford, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 240lbs, he is the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Brian Messias!! and in the ring his opponent, from Buffalo, New York. Weighing in at 227lbs...DK James"

    Messias jogs in place as he holds his title up to the fans

    CM Punk DKJames

    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you both.
  2. Off-topic: I hate going first every time. Is it possible that DK James can go first?
  3. *The crowd cheers as DK James runs out onto the stage. He spreads his arms and taunts before walking down the ramp and rolling in the ring. He grabs a mic from ringside as his music fades. He raises it to his face.*​
    “I am just the rookie here, right? Just a kid that strolled in and expects things handed to him. That’s what everyone expects. Brian Messias, you’re the man that everyone here wants a shot at, and that must have some sort of pressure on you. The fact that everyone has a target on your back. People from rookies to seasoned veterans everyone wants a shot at you and I can see why. During my interview I explained how you’re a desperate champion. Through matches, you’ll take desperate measures to make sure you walk out to victor. Aids Johnson should be holding that title right now, not someone like you.”​
    *He pauses for a moment then continues*​
    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. In this company, the only darkness I see is the egos. You probably have the biggest ego here while mine is only small. Over time, sure, it’ll grow. Hell it’ll grow tenfold if I beat you tonight. We can easily forgive a child that is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. And before you begin asking what this light is I speak of, it is a code. Something I live my life by and something you will never posses because you’re whole body is consumed by fear. The light is the symbol of truth and every time you raise a mic to your face, all I see is a symbol of ego. Although I have arrived in an era of total darkness here in FNW, I plan to climb the ladder. I plan on climbing up, getting those 5 wins and grabbing your title like no one else could. I have seized the light and I have arrested it’s flight and only you can try to put it out.”​
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  4. Thanks for that deep and dark story, James?

    What was the purpose of that entire promo? This isn't story time fella, this is time to get your shit together. Now I'm not sure how you were raised as a child, seeing how your promo's are dark, I can already assume so was your childhood. I can assume that you got picked on, bullied, beaten up by both your peers and your parents. But that's all I can do right now. Assume...

    See you assume that I'll take drastic measures to win a match no matter what. But what proof do you have that I will? What proof have you seen that said that, The Brian Messias, will take any drastic measures to win a match. I took out Aids with pure skill, not just because this one time the villain crushed the hero. No. I did it, because I intended to do it. You would too take drastic measures to win a match, don't even lie about it. This is your one chance to prove to everyone that you can make it. But will you? You can only assume.

    But the difference with me is, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Each and everyone of those stars said they could beat me, from the Angel's, from the Hawks and from the Johnson's. But did they get their jobs done?


    No. Unlike me! I said I would beat each and everyone of them and I did just that! There are two types of people in this world. Those who THINK they can win and those who KNOW they can win. Those guy's thought they could, just like you. But me, I know I'm winning.

    And the load on my back is already heavy as it is. Carrying this company, this title, these victims and these eyes waiting to attack. Does it add pressure to me? No. Because I KNOW I can beat them and all you can do, is assume.
  5. "My promos are not I speak of the light. Speaking of the light, the light is going to whoop your ass all over this ring. I understand that you're the champion, I really do. But if you think for second that I'm going to stand here and listen to your bullshit without butting in at some point? You're correct, all one can do is assume. So I can assume you're trying to make an ass out of yourself. I can assume that you have one of the dumbest names for a title that I've ever heard. I can also assume that you expect me to fail tonight. Well you're dead wrong. There is a crack in everything and that's just how the light gets in."​
    *He pauses as the crowd cheers a bit.*​
    "The wheel is coming full circle! I've planned to make an impact here for a while. Everyone says that though, right? I'm much...much different than them. Unlike them I plan on beating you. You seem to be a man of many words that apparently knows he can back it up in the ring. Trust me, I give you some credit. The fact that you were able to beat Aids Johnson and somehow continue to win each week is worth acknowledging."​
    *The crowd boos a bit but DK just nods his head.*​
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright before you here them talk. This is especially the case for you, Brian Messias. In one way I suppose, I have been in denial for so long. I've been in denial in refraining to accept the fact that you somehow have had as much success that you have. Bottom line is, tonight you're not going to be unstoppable no more."​
  6. You're right. There is a crack in everything and that's how light comes will shine through the darkness. But even when there is a tiny bit of light shining through, darkness will overshadow it eventually. As the time fades away, so does the light. The only way light will overcome Brian Messias, is when Brian Messias decides to go that way. And I'm sorry to break it to you, but for the past 20+ years I've been in darkness and it isn't leaving me anytime soon. Every time I see a diminutive shed of light, darkness will expand its shadows to cause it to vanish. It's been like that since day one and it will continue on until I decide it. I've been in darkness so long, it's like a home to me. It's the only way I feel ALIVE!

    When I cause pain to others, it makes me affectionate, it's like love at first site. Why do you think my name is The Annihilator? Pain is my gain.
    And every time I cause pain, it doesn't fill my appetite, every time I walk into another match, there's going to be more affliction, there's going to be more blood, there's going to be broken bones. And not even light, can save you from that.

    So you plan on beating Brian Messias, FNW's Canadian Heavyweight Champion for 32 days, undefeated, King of this world, The Greatest Wrestler in this Entire Planet and God? See people underestimate Brian Messias and right now you are doing so. So I guess the only way you will learn is the way Brian Messias does best.


    You've got goosebumps right? It's been a while since I've said that, even I can't recall the last time I said I was going to annihilate someone. Seeing how everyone has had their own gimmick, I thought I'd steal it and make it mine. Because when you believe in something and it doesn't work in your favor, that's when you start believing in something that is real. God isn't real, but I am. Annihilation is coming your way and you better believe that. This isn't "The God" Brian Messias, or "The King" Brian Messias coming after you. This is "The Annihilator" Brian Messias coming after you.
  7. "First off, darkness never overshadows the light. You're dead wrong there and I can prove that to you. You speak of pain, and you speak of dominating your opponents. No matter what you think you can do to me, pain is only temporary. Annihilation is a word I'm familiar with. You speak words of being able to annihilate me; well you're going to have to do that after 8 minutes. When I get that contract and when I beat you, DK James will be the highest hyped prospect since Randy Orton. The bottom line is the Light is not something you can just jump on and assume to beat. The Light is something you're going to need to prepare for because you're little streak is coming to an end."​
    *He pauses for a moment but continues.*​
    "You speak that God isn't real but you are, God's first creature was light! You must understand at some point that there is no reasoning behind what you preach. The only man that's real here is yet to be found because everyone in the back wants a shot at you to take their seat on the golden throne. You are un-deserving and you can bring in whatever nicknames you want, The Annihilator is going to fall. I am the only person that has experienced light and darkness, war and peace, rise and fall. You have yet to experience the fall but with the height of your ego, your fall is going to be a long one. The legacy of DK James rises tonight and unfortunately for you Brian Messias, your fall begins."​
  8. MrSackfist should I bother doing a promo seeing how he was late?
  9. CM Punk Go ahead as DK James did one late, As it isn't really that far over the deadline it is fine
  10. What don't you understand? God's gift Aids Johnson couldn't defeat me, so what does that say about god? Either he is weak or he doesn't exist. So instead of people believing in someone weak, I decided to become god. And since I'm god, light was never a part of me. Darkness was.

    DK James, once again, you are a rookie who believes that he can defeat a man capable of crushing your life long dreams within a minute. Let me ask you a question, Mr. Highest Hyped Prospect.

    Did you know... that I have already beaten all main-eventer's in this company's history? No, not that guy you believe is a main eventer or that guy you believe should be champion Aids Johnson. Did you know that I was on top of Power 25 every consecutive week? Did you know before the original FNW shut down until further notice, I was a grasp away from becoming the first champion of this company?

    I've got so much history, I've obtained the championship title, but people continue to underestimate me. I've had it my entire life, but what people don't know is when they underestimate Brian Messias, a lot of hatred sinks in to my skull and heart. And that hatred soon annihilates everything he see's. I warned Jacob Colton about it, and I don't think I need to warn you. After all, you're just a rookie.

    I've faced many top dogs in my life and I'm not going to enjoy having this small fish in my gigantic pond. Now you can pause for moments... , discuss about light like anyone gives a damn, talk about that make belief god like he is something special, "Have random quote insertion like you're reading a paragraph from a book", or even assume that you will be the highest paid commodity since Randy Orton.

    But one thing you won't do is be able to keep up with me. My speed, my skills, my athleticism is on entire different league from someone like you. My fall doesn't begin, because my rise hasn't begun yet. I've been on top my entire life, right now I'm on the bottom of the pedestal for myself. I have yet to reach new heights. But my bottom, is still above all of your people's top! The legacy of DK James doesn't begin here. It ends here...
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