FNW Tapings: Rodrigo vs Brent Nixon

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  1. Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall"

    Rodrigo walks out as he skips down to the stage, he then turns his back to the crowd for a moment, opening his arms wide before spinning round again and walks to the ring high-fiving fans. He slides under the ropes and stands in the ring

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Burgos, Spain, weighing in at 187lbs, Rooodriigoo!!"

    Nixon steps out onto the stage where he jumps twice in place, he then walks down tot he ring, Nixon walks up the steel steps and into the ring where he puts on his black MMA Gloves

    Announcer: "And introducing his opponent, from Derby England, Weighing in at 234lbs, Brent Nixon!"

    Rodrigo vs R Albin

    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you both.
  2. *Rodrigo grabs a mic as the crowd chants *Spaniard*

    Here I am!

    *Crowd cheers*

    Today...I've achieved my dream. I'm part of the FNW, I'm here, in the place I've always wanted to be, and the place I belong to. A ring, a FNW ring.
    I've woke up every morning for the last 4 years, with one target in life, to make a name of myself, to become a superstar and to be the best, to rise above all, to become your FNW champion!

    *Crowd cheers*

    But my jouney hasnt been easy at all, since I started wrestling, everyone has treat me like the guy who was never gonna make it. But hard work works when talent fails to work hard. Back in the indys, anyone gave a crap about training, I did, I was the one who used to open the doors of the gym at the morning and close them at the night.
    Look where I'm now..at the top! But at the bottom of the top. And I have one target, and it's that belt. No matter who I have to face or actually beat.
    I have a lot of respect for all the superstars of this company

    *Looks at Nixon*

    Including you, I used to watch all your matches, until you turned on the crowd. You dont understand the fact.. THEYY

    *Crowd cheers*

    Are the reason why we are here! They are the reason why this company and that title exist. The are the heart and soul of this company. And they deserve a champion like them, a champion who will understand them. A champion who know how important they are, a champion who will do anything to entrein them, a champion who will always care more about them than about himself.
    A champion like me.

    *Crowd goes wild*
  3. *Crowd boo as Brent Nixon picks up the microphone*

    Y’know, that’s great for you Rodrigo, but neither I nor these fans give a toss what your background is.

    *Crowd boo*

    It doesn’t matter to me in the slightest what ring I’m in, just so long as I get the opportunity to eviscerate nobodies like yourself - that’s my ‘dream’. This is what I was promised when I entered this company and thus far they have failed to deliver: stopping my matches prematurely just because my opponents weren’t capable of competing with me. FNW were so worried about protecting their 'top stars' that they deem it necessary to give them victories when they clearly can’t compete with me!

    *Crowd chant ‘You suck’*

    Many people have perpetuated the myth that I was just ‘never good enough’ to make it in the UFC, that I am ‘in denial’ when I say I could, and would, have made it there; the people who say these things are wrong. I was too dangerous for them to allow me in there, and they were too bloody scared for me to go near their top guys.

    *Crowd chant ‘bullshit’*

    You know what is bullshit? The fact that I’m wasting time with guys like yourself. I should be challenging for the FNW world championship. You and I both know this. But I guess that since the proverbial gauntlet has been thrown down, I’ll just have to beat you into the longest siesta of your life. Then you can sit there, and be thankful that I helped you achieve your dream: to be in the ring with a real star.

    *Crowd chant ‘Rodrigo*
  4. Is that you Lesnar?
    You said they didn't give a damn about my background and you come here and talk about yours? Hypocrite.

    You claim you are too *dangerous* and I'm here in the same ring as you and all I smell is shit. You are one of those guys who think they are the best. You should open your eyes. FNW probably didn't want you with the big guys because you weren't good enough. And that would manage the bussines image.

    *Crowd laughs*

    You're not a superstar, you weren't a superstar back then. You just think you're the best, and it's time for someone to wake you up. To make you realise you are nothing but another guy.

    You got hired when there are other guys working their asses off. Just because you are a....beast?

    What did your Curriculum vitae? Brent Nixon, Beast. I see nothing but a guy who her mother told him once that he was going to be someone in life.

    I might not be the best talker. But its a fact that my conection with the crowd is bigger than any other wrestler has. You dont have it, and you'll never be in a title match. You should be thankful you still in the company, but be careful, they are gonna fire old starts who never made it into the main scene and Ive heard you are in the top of the list.

    *Crowd laughs*
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    That’s the difference though, isn’t it? While you’re busy worrying about your “connection” with these Neanderthals, I’m busy being SUCCESSFUL.

    I find it rather amusing that you use the same lines that your Mum used to console you back at school when you went crying to her because the bullies were hurting you. It’s rather apt if I’m honest, because I’m gonna take you back to the days where you were undoubtedly getting bullied. I am the bully that took away your tortilla money.

    *’You suck’ chants*

    *Nixon turns his back to Rodrigo*

    D’you know what’s on my back? It’s a list of all the people who have fallen at the hands of Brent Nixon. There’s a reason why I got them written so small y’know; you can probably figure that out as well. It’s so there’s room to fit in more jobber names – like Rodrigo.

    *Rodrigo chants*

    I don’t need a CV, I’ve demonstrated what I am capable of already in this company. What have YOU really achieved? You’re just a Spanish guy in a hoodie from what I can see. I am a guy who was extremely successful in Pancrase and Strikeforce, dominating in both and subsequently being signed for the biggest MMA organisation in the entire world. Of course, that was an abrupt stint due to me dealing with some pussy fan.

    *Crowd boo*

    I am the epitome of badassery. I am the raging bull that all you Spaniards run away from. I am Brent Nixon. And at Fight Night Wrestling, I fully intend on ensuring that the next tortilla that you eat, will have to be consumed through a fucking straw.
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  6. Dude get some original lines. All I've heard from now is you talking about the same stuff I did.
    I say something about my background, you do the same, I make a joke about you and your mum, you do the same, that's not the way to win things in this company.

    *That's true chants*

    I'm pretty glad you have learnt spanish. Even if it's only the words tortilla and siesta, considering the size of your brain its a really big achievement for you. Congrats.

    I've never been bullied. Why? People respect me, I respect them. But not with fear, in fact I've never being in a fight outside an arena. Why? Because I believe in the dialogue while you, you only have the violence to fill your empty life.

    You are an old glory, you won a few matches in another company and why? This is another atmosphere, another company, other rivals and here there's a guy who would kick your ass 24/7.

    If you wanna make fun of me speaking spanish...then try with other guy because after this match, you will not want to hear any spanish word again. But I will make you have your worst nightmares in spanish.

    *Turns back to the crowd*

    You claim you're FNW? I will tell you what you are. You are nothing. You are the old lion who is slowly dying. Claiming he was something back then but knowing that there's a bunch of new guys who will take your place.

    I will make your regret all the things you have said about this crowd. I will make it for them. I swear to god and to this crowd that I will beat you until you realise that actions worth more than words. Get ready.

    You will show them some respect.

    *Rodrigo chants*
  7. *Laughs*

    I apologise, I should have simplified my vocabulary in order to cater to you, and everybody in this arena’s needs.

    *Crowd boo*

    It really hurts me that I am not as witty as you, and can’t come up with fantastic Mum jokes like those. I can see that the audience’s sides are still split from when you first cracked those legendary jokes. Have you ever considered a career in comedy?

    You claim you’ve never been bullied. I find that hard to believe somehow. Regardless, come Sunday, you’ll find out exactly what it’s like, when I beat you around like the little bitch that you are. You need to learn that I don’t show respect for anybody, especially for some little sombrero wearing twat who deems it necessary to pander to these morons in order to get their appreciation.

    *’Fuck you Nixon’ chants*

    Oh and you’re right, the only thing I ever use is violence to get my point across – not dialogue. I’m clearly speaking in sign language right now.

    *Does hand gestures*

    It’s abundantly clear that you’re not prepared for what I am going to do to you at Fight Night Wrestling. You’ve clearly never met a man quite as dangerous as me in a wrestling ring, or anywhere for that matter; you don’t seem to be able to comprehend this. Any accomplishments you have are irrelevant, you are just not capable of handling the force of Brent Nixon. Don’t believe me? Ask Brian Messias. Ask Zach Schmidt. Ask any of the guys who I ripped apart on the MMA circuits. It’s a foregone conclusion and as far as our futures go in wrestling, and in life, I’m feeling a hell of a lot more positive about mine than I would be feeling about yours if I were you.

    *Let’s go Spaniard*

    Cheer the Spaniard on all you want Ladies and Gents, it doesn’t matter, because on Sunday, it’s the English who will prevail.

    *Crowd boo*
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