Foley possibly wrestling at TLC

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Is it worth it Mick? :dawg:

  2. Would put Punk over.
  3. Don't see it happening, nor do I want to see it. Stick to the promos, and have someone else fight in Mick's place.
  4. I don't see Cena vs Punk repeatedly happening until RR so it could be possible.
  5. Foley needs to stop.
  6. Waste of a rub imo. Could go to Ziggler or Ambrose.
  7. I wouldn't mind it. The Cena feud will probably go to Survivor Series (Iron Man match would be cool) but I don't see them fighting yet again at TLC. You need a filler opponent for Punk before the Rumble and Foley is a good choice, I suppose.
  8. I could see Punk vs Foley at Hell In A Cell rather than TLC. Think about it in story line perspective. They've got this thing going on saying that CM Punk is not the best until he beats Cena in a hell in a cell. Well there's another person with ten times as much prestige in Hell In A Cell than Cena and that's Foley. It'll also give Punk heat by choosing Foley because he's a lot older, so he's got that same heat as anyone would when beating up a legend.

    Foley is the one who "created" TLC, so that match would also have some value to it as well, but not as much as a hell in a cell match.
  9. In the mean time probably causing Foley to have a heart attack or break his back.
  10. Fuck sake if you're going to use Foley give him to Ambrose.
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