Storyline Following IWT VICE #9.

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  1. Following an intense contest between Scott Fargo and Tyson Storm, a worn-out and beaten Fargo gets to his knees holding his neck with one hand. Suddenly there are massive cheers echoing throughout the building. It's Chris Kaizer! He slides under the rope and blindsides Fargo with a running boot to the side of the head. Kaizer walks around the ring playing to the crowd as Fargo rolls around in pain on the canvas. Kaizer then looks down at his opponent and lifts him up. He yells some insults into Fargo's face as he goes to hoist him up for the Steiner Screwdriver. But before he can hit it, James Dragon, Danny Jacobs and Rio Nakayama come running down the ramp.

    The Bullad Club slide in the ring, Dragon grabs Fargo and pulls him down to the canvas as Danny Jacobs charges into Kaizer with a lariat. Kaizer then rolls under the bottom rope and jumps over the barrier into the crowd as Dragon and Rio help Fargo to his feet. Fargo, still holding his neck, stumbles into the corner and demands a microphone from ringside. Fargo raises the microphone to his mouth and speaks through the heavy breathing.

    "Come on, Chris..."

    Fargo shakes his head.

    "I expected better of you. You're really gonna come out here and kick a man when he's down, huh? Is that the kind of COWARD the legendary Chris Kaizer is?"

    Fargo climbs to the second turnbuckle and looks out at Kaizer in the crowd.

    "Well, listen here you fucking coward, attacking me like this has really pissed me off. So, I'll leave you with this you coward. You should have finished the job tonight when you had the fucking chance. Because come SummerSlam, you coward..."

    Fargo points directly at Kaizer.

    "You. Are. FUCKED!"

    Fargo tosses the microphone to the floor and climbs down as Nakayama hands Fargo his championship. Fargo raises the belt above his head as Vice fades to black.
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