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  1. *Jack Lux with a mic, comes out clearly feeling the effects of his match at IWTmania, with giving him an ovation for his performance in that match*
    Jack Lux: I've got that match for the Young Lion Cup was pretty god damn AWESOME!

    *The crowd pops*

    Jack Lux: And even though I didn't win, I loved every second I was in it. However like I said I didn't win. I would've won if Lilith Young didn't move Chris Young, which lead to the submission victory for that mofo Alexander Highcastle. I'm not out here to talk the Young Lion Cup though, in fact to show I'm past it I'll leave my three opponents with three words that are as followed... fuck, you and guys.

    *Lux let's the crowd cheer while thinking of what to say next*

    Jack Lux: The reason I'm out here is to throw out a challenge to anyone who has the balls to stand toe to toe with the "Cold-Blooded Killer" Jack Lux in a one on one match.

  2. Jack Lux is standing in the ring. Suddenly the lights go out

    "GTFO" by Makeshift plays and Braeden Cross walks out onto the stage to confront Lux
    Braeden Cross: Jack.... Jack.... Jack.... First off congratulations on your performance in the Young Lions Cup. Secondly, I think it's cute that you come out here and issue an open challenge to anyone who has the balls.
    Cross begins walking down the ramp
    Braeden Cross: and you see, the reason that's cute is because earlier, I issued an open challenge and where were you? You say you want a match? Well, I want a fight.
    Cross enters the ring and get's right in Lux's face.
    Braeden Cross: So what's it gonna be, boy?
  3. *Lux puts the mic next his face and says*

    Jack Lux: First off, thanks Braeden for those kind words... I appreciate that, Secondly I got to the arena a little late so didn't hear your challenge, but since you're looking for a fight and I'm looking for a fight. Let's have a fight. You and I at the next event, Jack Lux vs Braeden Cross.

    *Lux extends his hand for a handshake*
  4. Cross stares at Lux's extended hand. He goes to return the shake.
    Braeden Cross: You know... heh... I'm glad you want to fight. Because I've been watching you do your thing for a looooooong time. And I can't wait to be the one that puts you out of your misery, Jack.
    Braeden shakes hands with Lux.
    Braeden Cross: I look forward to it.
    Cross releases his grip on Lux's hand and before leaving the ring nails Lux with a slap to the face.
    The crowd boos as Cross walks out of the ring.
  5. *Lux rubs the area of his face that was slapped and chuckles before talking again*

    Jack Lux: Yeah, we'll see about putting me out of my misery. Let's agree to disagree about that, but I also look forward it... I look forward to putting you out of your misery after I give you an ass kickin' you'll never ever, and I mean ever forget.

    *Lux gently puts the mic down on the canvas and roll out of the ring to his music*

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  6. This match is official.
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  7. Quick question, what's the name of the next event?
  8. IWT Survival.

    A schedule thread has been up since December. Sticked at the top.

    OOC - IWT Schedule 2016