Storyline For Only 60 Cents A Day...

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  1. As the commercial begins, footage and pictures of fallen IWT legends play as the somber song begins. Clips of Aids Johnson throwing up before his match at IWT Anarchy and Luis Ovaldinho beating him play, as a voice-over fades in.

    “Every single PPV in IWT, a fallen legend is violently abused. No legends have been saved last year or this year, for others, help wouldn't matter."

    The scene changes to Chris Kaizer sitting on a loveseat in front of a fireplace, petting a Jack Forte plushie. He has a somber look on his face as he begins to speak again.

    "Hi, I’m Chris Kaizer, will you be an angel for a helpless legend? Every PPV, innocent legends are abused, beaten and neglected, and they’re crying out for help. Please, call the number on your screen, and join the IWT SPCL with a monthly gift right now. For just sixteen dollars a month, (only 60 cents a day,) you’ll help rescue legends from their abusers and provide medical care, food, shelter and love. Call or join online in the next thirty minutes and you’ll receive this welcome kit with the photo of Dat Kid in a shelter right now. One has been given a second chance. Thanks to you. Right now There’s a legend who needs you. Your call says ‘I’m here to help.’ Please call right now."

    More clips play as the scene of Kaizer's living room fades out with a somber smile on his face. Footage of Jack Forte's loss to James Dragon plays over and over, as pictures of Scott Fargo defeating Kaizer himself pop up. Another clip rolls of no one showing up for an IW3 autograph session. Finally, the commercial ends with one final clip of Aids Johnson laying in a puddle of his own puke, as the last hunting beats of the song play

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