Storyline For Services Rendered

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  1. The audience aren't greeted with someone in the ring but static on their screens as IWT Vice returns from commercial, the camera seems to be pointed at a chair. The overlay seems to make it seem like an archive footage.
    Moments pass with no change to the screen when suddenly the audience see someone walking in front of the camera and taking the seat. The man is revealed to be none other than Colt Hellbeck, holding a cigarette in hand as he taps his foot, seemingly anxious.

    "Mr. Hellbeck... We didn't expect to see you back here.."

    Colt looks up at the man and takes a drag from his cigarette.
    "Yeah..." he says, his feet going faster as his hands pull his hair back.

    "You told me... You told me that I should go to anger management, that violence wont win me friends... that.."

    He takes another long drag and then lets the smoke ease out from his lips "That there is no way that I can be in a healthy work environment..."
    The other voice, seemingly in a therapeutic tone "Yes, but... Mr. Hell-"

    He doesn't get a chance to to finish the sentence before Colt holds his hand up.
    "Nah... You always wanted me to talk. Sure the state ordered it, but you wanted me to talk. Well I'm talking so shut the fuck up and listen"

    He leans forward "You gave me pills, you gave me lies... you tried to make me fight the violence inside me... you fucking parasite. Week after week, for years you told me that this was a condition"
    Colt gets more aggravated as the conversation goes on.

    "YOU TOLD ME I HAD A PROBLEM" he starts yelling, before he takes a deep breath, looking down at the floor before raising his head with a wicked grin.

    "I don't have a problem Dr. Richards...." He takes one last drag and looks at the lit end of the cigarette with a smirk "I have a skill.. An ability... A higher gear. And guess what..."

    He squeezes his cigarette to put it out, the pain seemingly giving him a high.
    "I made a friend too.... And we're gonna kick ass and raise a whole lot of hell"

    He gets up from the chair and grabs it with a hand.
    "But that's not what I'm here for.... What I'm here for... is retribution. It's getting all those years I spent in here as you went on your pointless rhetoric. What I am here for, is to thank you, for services rendered Dr. Richards" he says with a grin as he folds the chair.
    "Mr...Hell.... Colt.. No... Don't.. GUARDS!!"

    "They won't come. No one will come"

    Colt grins and carries the chair off camera and all that can be heard are screams of Dr. Richards and sounds of chair shots.
    The camera cuts to a static screen with the 'input unavailable' message.

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    Wanted to build his character and promo that tag tourney a bit ( a small bit) advice and suggestions are welcome!

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