For the PEEPS!

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by CM Punk, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Last night at Wrestlemania, I defeated the odds and retained my World Heavyweight Championship against Farooq and the 2013 Royal Rumble winner Stopspot. I'll say it was one of my toughest battles yet in the IWT and they brought their best in the ring. And honestly I couldn't have asked for much more. But their BEST isn't good enough. This Championship means that I am the best and if your best isn't good enough, go and challenge someone until you are. It seems that their were a couple of people who actually had a brain and knew how the match was going to go from the get go. And those people are MY PEEPS!

    Stopspot, you can do whatever you like with The Kliq and Aids the Jock, but if you expect to once again become on the side of supremacy, you'll have to prove to me that you are worthy.

    And for every challenger out there, you want to challenge the BEST! Prove to me that you are capable of facing death because that is what you're up against! I am immortal, I am breath taking, I will finish all of you guys whether you're from Nitro or RAW!

    This is not a silly game, this is a risk that you're up against. By facing me, you put your career on the line. You want to put everything up for a Championship? That's what you're going to get. You either walk away with my championship belt or you crawl with a shattered mind and broken bones.

    I am "The Instant Classic", "Captain Charisma", the World Heavyweight Champion for 113 days, Christian!

  2. Touching speech there Christian. Wow you actually came out of that match with your title, no really man congratulations. Triple threat, those odds are killer man, hell I can tell by that match you're pretty worn out. You look like a new man, something's different about you. I can't put my finger on it but oh-'re missing something.

    *holds up tag team championship* :jeritroll:

    You wanna come out here and paint yourself as this immortal man, well that's a fucking lie. You lost last night as well. I'm not trying to knock you off your pedestal but you have taken out the cream of the crop on Nitro, well all except one. You have never beaten me Punk. Yeah coincidentally the man you have never faced one on one is the man who beat you last night.

    You want me to prove I'm worthy. I've held every title on this roster that I am eligible for...except one. The reason for that being is because I was taken off Raw and I was in the middle of a pursuit of the WWE title which by the way I still havent gotten my one on one match for, but that's fine.

    You see if I'm not eligible to compete for Raw titles anymore I'm just going to take that.

    *points at your title*

    Christian I am your number one contender. I have beaten you and Senhor in the same damn match, while both of you were still World Champions. I may not have many wins, but the wins I do have certainly speak for themselves. So Christian, the way I see it, come Extreme Rules, you go one on one with me and this isn't a challenge, that's just how it is.

  3. Yeah Dat Kid! Announce yourself as the number one contender. Like I'm going to let that happen. I slept during our match because it wasn't a big deal to me and since people aren't fond with Canadians, we had the odds against us. Literally considering it was Senhor Perfect Vs. Dat Kid and CrayJ Lee.

    I don't want to waste my time giving out free title shots. I want to see who is actually a threat so I can have fun ending their career. You can carry your Tag-Team Championship along with your Fatass Championship. But until you prove that you deserve this title or a shot for it, you can get the f*ck out of my way.
    I'm not wasting my time with imbeciles that demand and talk rather than showing me what they're capable of.
  4. You want me to prove it to you. Fine :haha:
    Pay close attention to what I'm about to do. Not there's not much for me to prove since I took out the Nitro locker room.

  5. EVERY title? I think you mean every MID CARD title @"dat kid" you cant touch the champions gold. Hell, up until a week ago, you couldnt buy a W, and moved back to where you belong. Let's give credit, two big wins at WM put you back on the midcard map, but the tag division is about to expand, and this is as high as you get buddy. In fact, im still waiting for you to finish your real job, and make my supserstar package.

    Oh and hey, @Seabs how much do you like seeing him put stopspot and i on the Kliq map, but forgot you even are here :pity:

    Former champion.
  6. Wait wut?