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  1. My Toronto Blue Jays are in the midst of the biggest offseason roster change I've ever seen. We've added two aces, a former ace, one of the best SS in the game, one of the best utility men in the game, and a wild card in left field. For the first time in a long time, I'm really hyped for Spring training. I think we just became the favourites in the AL East. :smug:
  2. Your blue jays are trying to win now. Finalizing a Deal for a 38 year old knuckleballer(DIckey) and gave up your 1st and 3rd best prospects.
  3. I'm a mets fan so you have two players I know really well. Dickey has great work ethic and in a dome he may be able to make that ball dance. Reyes on the other hand has poor work ethic and is often injured. good luck
  4. We need it man, haven't made the playoffs since our 93 World Series win. I'm tired of hearing about the future, it's so nice to look forward to a season.
  5. The mets have sucked since 86. I am happy with the prospects you guys gave us. God knows the Mets have done that this is the year crap and given some guys god awful contracts. Just hope it works out because if not you guys will be even worse off than before with no prospects. Best of luck brother.

    EDIT. Your team is amazing on paper though
  6. What killed us was pitching, even if Reyes plays to 60% capacity, we'll still be heads and tails above where we were last year. Keep in mind we still have Bautista and Encarnacion.
  7. I haven't been paying attention to the off season deals/trades. Who did you guys get exactly?
  8. That Dickey deal is huge for the mets, they are getting one sure bet for a 38 year old star who was released by a team im a huge fan of just a few years ago. Love baseball, and REALLY thankful my Crew didnt get any of the 2nd/3rd level available SP candidates.
  9. I should probably mention how much i like the Jays. You have a player we essentially gave away, because he wanted to start young. How is he doing? Oh, killing it, thats right. Really hope the Jays tear the division up this year.
  10. From Florida w got Josh Johnson, Mark Buerhle, Jose Reyes, John Buck, and Emilio Bonifacio. We gave up Henderson Alvarez, Yunel Escobar, Jeff Mathis, and prospects. We also signed Melky Cabrera. Finally we traded for RA Dickey, giving up John Buck, and 2 of our 3 top prospects.
  11. Blue jays sound stacked but its the year of the royals baby :pipebomb:
  12. :nope: sorry, not with the Tigers in your division.
  13. Tigers are weak as fuck


  14. We actually could meet in the middle here. How is that trade working out for you? :vince:

    Ned yost is godly, and there a grip of Royals i can legit cheer for.
  15. They are going to either destroy records all season, or flop. I am hoping for the first part, since i will always be a fan of the Prince.
  16. The trade was fine, dunno why people are bitching. We have established a pretty decent pitching squad with Shields, Ervin Santana, etc. :vince:
  17. plus a badass farm system, and good moves via trade.
  18. Well finally someone who understands baseball. The trade was great for the mets. They signed D Wright to a lifetime contract basically, and they are re-building. Guys like davis, duda, murphy, valdespin, mejiya, matt harvey,

    The list can go on forver, the mets have some great young talent but there is no reason to spend money on guys when we won't compete. Let the young kids come up and get their feet wet and hell maybe we can pull an A's and win with all young duddes.
  19. The AL is going to be great to watch this year! There are going to be a lot of close races, can't wait to go to a game.
  20. btw since R.A. Dickey is on your team I have a great book for you. It's his Memoir called "where ever I wind up" It's such a great book man. He was born without a ligiment in his arm and basically was released by the rangers. He barely had a shot in the majors ( a few spot starts along the way) He discovered a knuckle ball and 4 years later CY YOUNG! What is weird is in his book he talks about never leading the league in K's which is exactly what he did last year. THe dude had back to back 1 hitters twice last year. He is a stud. The sad part is that the book gets kind of dark at times.(sexually molested as a kid)