For those who mock CM Punk fans...

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  1. Those die hard CM Punk marks who genuinely believe CM Punk is the best in the world tend to get mocked now, but when you think of the total package (mic skills, wrestling ability, look, etc.,), how far off is he? He is at a pretty high standard for all attributes involved in my opinion.

    So, let's debate this. How far off is he from BITW, or do you too think he is actually the best all round package in professional wrestling?
  2. I like Punk but he isn't the total package and won't be because of his look. All kidding aside, he doesn't look the least bit intimidating. Guys like DB and Aries, although short, still look like they could handle themselves physically against an opponent. I realize that to enjoy wrestling you need to suspend disbelief, but that only goes so far. He is one of the best mic workers there is for sure, not sure if I'd put him at the top in ring either.
  3. I think people hate because he's just to popular. We all know what happens when shit gets popular. :pity:
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  4. In the WWE, he is clearly on top. But people who tend to watch other promotions differ from that for obvious reasons.
    If Daniel Bryan's mic work was amazing, he'd be on top. Anyways, I can't really think of many workers who have the whole package in WWE.
  5. Mic Skills: He's one of the best in the business. I will not take this away from him, he's truly great on the mic, and deserves all the praise he gets from it. 9.5/10
    Look: He has a unique look, one that quickly sets him aside from the rest of the roster. I don't believe though that he fits with the WWE look, which isn't bad to me, but he just doesn't have it. I would have to give him a 6.5/10 for looks.
    Wrestling ability: I think he's great, not the best, but he can put on good matches, much better then most of the roster. I give him a 6/10 here.
    Face character: He seems to be dull to me as a face, but I think it's WWE's fault, since they have a habit of all their faces becoming generic and boring. Sorry, but it's going to be a 4/10
    Tweener Character: This one I believe he plays best. The Punk who can say what he wants, and do what he wants despite what the faces, heels, or crowds say. This is where his mic skills come into greatness since he doesn't have a leash to be a good guy or bad guy. 9/10
    Heel Character: Even though he's bound to being dark, his times with Paul Bearer, and Jerry Lawler shows that he would do just about anything to get hated by not just the casuals, but the IWC as well. I give him a 7.5/10.

    I think he's a total package superstar without a doubt, the only troubles I have with him is when he becomes a stale face, and he doesn't have that WWE look. But he has the wrestling ability, and he can be a face for a little while without it becoming stale, and he can be a company heel. His look pertains more to a heel as well, so even though I would prefer him as a tweener, he could be the top WWE heel, and his Straight Edge lifestyle does also have the advantage of not being suspended. He also has that don't quit attitude, where he'll show up even when he is injured. This is all my opinion, but I do believe he is overrated? Yes I do, but at the same time he is a total package, so it's not so bad to deal with Punk marks.
  6. This BITW gimmick is so worn out. I just wish it would stop.
  7. Punk's proven himself to only be a main event draw when he's a heel so I'm already denouncing him as the "Best In The World". Apart from the whole pipebomb persona that comes out once in a blue moon, his promos are really nothing special and he doesn't look intimidating at all to be honest. Not to bash, but I'll always have to add in that he's not as good as a wrestler as the internet makes him out to be.

    As far as the total package goes for an American TV product, I would consider Austin Aries much closer than Punk. He's captivating as both a heel of a face and cuts great promos regardless of his alignment. He may be small, but he does look like he could beat the living shit out of you if he wanted to. His matches, even against greener opponents, are usually pretty good because he forces them to work to his level (for example, his two matches with Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.)

    Also, I would just like to add that there is no total package, but only a package that best suits a market. Somebody like Punk or Aries or Danielson would never have made the impact over in Japan that Karl Anderson has and Anderson couldn't get bookings when he worked in the US. It's all about what the promotions are looking for in their wrestlers.

    - Mystical George.

  8. You and Dolph's used to mock me loads back in the days :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. Honestly, yeah. I really do think CM Punk is the best. He entertains me far more than anyone else, I think he's cool, funny, interesting, he has a great moveset, he's awesome on the mic, he's put on some of the greatest matches ever in my opinion both in and outside of WWE. He has the best documentary in WWE, he has a wolverine harcut yet somehow makes it look good, he's very small yet has rocketed his way up to Cena-level in WWE, which is a rarity. He's fun to watch, he has the coolest shirts, awesome tatoos, he makes you love him as a face and hate him as a heel. He's pretty much the full package. Obviously there are others that could be considered best in the world. Daniel Bryan, for example. This is just my opinion.
  10. If he was the literal BITW, he'd be in John Cena's spot instead of Cena himself. It would have been Rock and Punk promoted as the Wrestlemania main event two years in a row instead of Rock/Cena, while Cena only got matches against The Rock at lesser PPVs like Royal Rumble and (the much lesser B-PPV) Elimination Chamber. Nobody gets the reactions or sells merchandise or appeals to the mainstream audience like Cena does. This is just all from a business perspective, of course, but wrestling is a business and your success/talent/merit is largely based on how you move the needle and connect with the mainstream, so it's worth pointing out.

    If you want to be absolutely technical and just talk about talent alone, CM Punk has excellent ring work and mic skills (though both are highly subjective) but he still doesn't rank anywhere near the best of all time in either category. He might be one of the best in the world TODAY, but then again, there's no Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin-caliber superstar walking around to compete with either, and Punk certainly isn't one himself. Cena is the closest we have to that, and when he's at his best, he outranks Punk on the mic even when Punk is at his best. In the ring is closer, but Cena's had just as many or more great matches as Punk has in WWE (even though a few of those he has shared with Punk himself.) I'm not counting Punk's work in ROH as I haven't seen any of it and if he was somehow so much better there than he is now, it should be considered irrelevant to the argument since the only kind of performer that Punk is today is what we see of him in WWE.

    Punk also doesn't have the marketable look that makes him project the image of being a larger-than-life superstar. It's probably the main thing that holds him back from being a top tier talent. He isn't (as others have pointed out) intimidating and his tattooed up body looks rather unappealing.

    (I'm a fan of CM Punk, for the record.)
  12. Punk is my fav but he has mic/commentary skills, historic title reign, 2 time in a row money in the bank, and many more skills but he defeated Chris Jericho 3 times and he also calls himself best in the world. There are many more people that could give them-selfves the title best in the world and I'm guessing that's because the don't believe they are Cm Punk believes he is the best in the world so that's another reason he is the full package he has believes he is the best in the world and he's not afraid to tell the world he deserves more credit than what people give him. I could go on forever, overall Cm Punk is the best in the world and all the facts show it
  13. It could be said that he's the best all around superstar. He has the mic skills for it and the in ring for it. I think there are some people who do both those things better than him, but they usually lack in the other area. So if you want to talk about the best all around guy CM Punk is debatably the best.
  14. He's on a short list of candidates for being the best all arounder in the world. I don't mock Punk fans for that, I mock Punk fans for being marks. It's like if someone was a Bret Hart mark in the 90s. Sure, Bret was one of the best wrestlers at that time, but if I knew a ton of marks running around going BRET HART BEST THERE IS BEST THERE WAS BEST THERE EVER WILL BE! I would still make fun of them for being marks and taking his catch phrase to heart. Same with irrational Punk fans who think the guy does no wrong and answer any criticism with BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!.
  15. CM Punk is the best in the world nobody can touch him and I hope hes gets the WWE title again
  16. I criticize him for a lot of things, but most of the criticisms you can say about the guy have a "but" at the end.
    His wrestling style doesn't captivate casuals... but he's still a guy you can always trust to put on a great match.
    He doesn't have a great look... but it suits his character, makes him look different and unique. He's not afraid to do his own thing.
    His character has sucked but that's WWE's fault not his.
    "He doesn't draw ratings" but do we really know that?
  17. What's the criteria being used for being the total package?