Forget CM Punk, forget Brock, what will Heyman do?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. After Wrestlemania? It's seemingly set in stone that CM Punk will have a long period off after Wrestlemania to heal up and perhaps be repackaged, so what does that mean for Heyman? Punk was his route to appearing on RAW every week, and without Punk, there is only Brock left. Presuming Brock loses and has another X months off, what can Heyman do?

    GM? Manage someone else? Commentate? I imagine he'll be used somewhat because of how damn good he is.
  2. I concur with the first part of the the thread title :pity1:
  3. A mouth piece for someone who needs it, say the Shield do implode during the summer (I'll give you a theoretical Ambrose reign just so no-one spots the major flaws in this story) and he takes Reigns under his wing, he's built one monster now he wants to build another. Ambrose is your psychotic heel champion, Roman is breaking away from the group and that leaves Seth to turn face. Or for a swerve, how about Ryback?
  4. GM would be top stuff. But I suppose he could manage someone else.
  5. Brock is scheduled for Extreme Rules so Heyman's got something solid to do all the way up to about the end of May, at least.
  6. Reigns is a great idea! Perfect fit for Heyman.
  7. CM Punk will be back by before SummerSlam as he will feud with Brock L. for the WWE Champion! Paul Heyman will have to pick side! :pipebomb: As for what Heyman does when CM Punk take some time off and Brock take time off. I said Heyman will just take time off himself. As SummerSlam of last ended and Brock "quiet" then next night raw we did not see Paul Heyman until CM Punk requiet to have him be manger.
  8. I would love to see him as GM tbh, the GM position has been like crap for the last few years. There is also the possibility of him managing the Shield until Punk return or something, but I guess Punk will be returning as a face to feud with Brock, so Heyman will be siding with Brock without a doubt everytime he appears.
  9. GM would make sense. Vickie's still the 'managing supervisor', whatever the hell that is, so that means one of two things, they're saving the GM spot for someone good (Heyman) or they just have no damn good ideas who to put as GM. It's most likely the latter in this case. :pity:
  10. I can see Brock Lesnar being at Extreme Rules (don't know whether it's confirmed or not), but he's most defiantly be there with Brock until CM Punk returns and starts a feud with Lesnar which is quite possible.
  11. Lesnar is scheduled for a match at Extreme Rooolz.
  12. Masturbate with tweezers and a magnifying glass, what else can he do?
  13. Going to need a huge pair of tweezers; he isn't called "Hung Heyman" for nothing.
  14. Probably set up some more naked models for his magazine :otunga:

    I'd like to see him work with a lower carder. Expand his clientele if you will. Michael McGillicutty isn't doing anything right now. Or one of the guys down in NXT. Like Mojo Rawley.
  15. I highly doubt punk will have a very long time off if any, so heyman will stay with him. However, if Punk does take X months off, Heyman will probably either manage the shield, if not, then he might take time off WITH Punk. But as I stated before, it isn't very likely that Punk will take over a month off.
  16. I could see him becoming GM but one thing I don't want is trying to get back with Punk. I blame allot his attitude issues on Heyman pushing him and I kinda see him as his downfall this year. Just look at how he acted last summer before he started working with Heyman compared to tonight.
  17. I figure he might re-align back into The Shield storyline, or perhaps get back involved with Vickie and Brad Maddox. I think more so with The Shield since he's a great heel manager and brought them together in the first place. He could start talking on their behalf, pushing them to be in more tag team matches.