Former Liverpool Defender dies aged 23...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Acailler, Jun 24, 2012.


    Sad day....
  2. Sad sad day. RIP Miki Rogue, thoughts go to his family.
  3. Lots of young soccer players dying these days :upset:
  4. God that's horrible, so young as well. RIP.
  5. atleast he's in a better place, no point at being sad
  6. Damn.... RIP :(
  7. I personally whilst not sad have sympathy for his family, friends and work colleagues amongst his various other acquaintances. Plus I have sympathy of a young life cut short during his prime.
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  8. You look like you needa hug @[Crayo]
  9. R.I.P so young, thoughts go out to his family.
  10. Wow.. So young.. RIP
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