News Former TNA star returns at Turning point

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  1. drum roll please.

  2. OH SHELL YEAH! Best 365 video hands down.

    Wait, how has noone on here shouted out "oh shell no!" Sounds like a @Potato Dick Muncher go-to line.

    This oughta be good. :lol1:
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  3. Was expecting Pacman Jones again :downer:
  4. You see, nobody has shouted out "oh shell no!", because, you see my dear friend Rainman, nobody hates SharkBoy. I mean, how could anyone possibly hate my at one time arch-nemesis, now best friend, Sharky? Look at the guy, I mean, c'monnnnnnn :russo:
  5. ^tldr
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  6. It seems as though, that is a new "thing" around here to do to The Hoff. HARDYHARHAR. Replying "tldr" to The Hoff's posts. Bros, you don't wanna hassle the Hoff. The Hoff and allllllllll of his Hoffaholics are gonna hoff you, hoff you hard. :jericho::ksi:
  7. Wait, what? Oh, yes. You are now entering Hoff'Merica. Formerly America
  8. Can't contain me. Like Miley I can't be tamed.
  9. Oh, no, we won't try and "contain" you here in Hoff'Merica. You are free to do as you please. So long as you adhere to the strict, strict nationwide curfew of 12am.
  10. Tom Selleck was better.
  11. The Hoff sees your point. Though, Sean Connery did it a little better iho.
  12. This video was quite funny.
  13. Fantastic news, shell yeah!

    Sabin vs. Sharkie for the X Title, please!

    @Vintage8 is the shark mark.
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  15. a combined staff troll? :pity:
  16. Gimme a shell yeah!

    (for those unaware, Steve Austin himself personally approved of the Shark Boy gimmick)
  17. Shell Yeah!
    Shark Boy returning is just brilliant.....I think this could be the thing TNA needs atm.....They need Shark Boy. Now Bring in some more underwater themed wrestlers and you can create a stable of them!
  18. Mermaidman and Barnacleboy for TNA Tag Champs!

    already more credible than the Bromans that's for sure
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  19. To the invisible boatmobile!!!!!
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