Former WWE Creative Team Member talks Triple H's Reign of Terror

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  1. Really good listen. More proof that HHH is an egotistical moron.
  2. I've known that all along. If only he was cool and not such a douchebag. But I respect him for his in ring work and personality when he's funny on the mic, or else nothing else.
  3. So basically shit changes creatively and it's Hunter's fault? I'm not a fan but c'mon this isn't exactly something to crucify him over is it? RVD was given a taster run in the main event such as Anderson got vs Batista, Cena got vs Brock and Benoit vs The Rock. It's how they do things. Kane to unify the belts, why? They've booked his character to shit at that point he was in a tag team and pulling Kaneroonies how the fuck could he unify the belts and Booker? He was a comedy character who wrestled Edge for a shampoo advert the previous year. HHH may have had a part in it but to blame him for all of it is idiotic. Goldberg coming in probably had a bigger impact then HHH as you could tell with his initial push Vince wanted him to carry Raw. HHH is a manipulative prick I'm sure of it but this interview seems like the Am I going over story, it's fabricated to get some views / buys from the IWC. After all we all love Hunter burying stories.
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  4. Yeah I got to agree with that but I still hate HHH generally.
  5. I hate him too tbh, I've never liked him bar when I rewatch his heel run in 2000.
  6. That's not the point. The point was how easy it is and was for HHH to change stories and get them his way. I also found it interesting when he said to get a story-line going you have to pitch it to Vince well, basically saying it's not the quality of story. it's how you present it. The impression I got from the video was "If HHH doesn't look good, he'll change it by playing Vince". Also, it's just nice to get some actual evidence that the IWC doesn't hate on him for no reason, that's the main thing that's lacked. It's always been dirt sheet reports, not ex-creative members.
  7. Well any top star can get that, Austin did it with Brock for one. What you've got to remember was during this time Hunter was probably the most established star they had. Rock was never there and Austin was the same and not a shadow of the man he was in 98.
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  8. RVD was getting massive pops, SCSA pops. I think it was the perfect opportunity to unify the belts with Kane also to be honest. Also, not every star can do that, Austin couldn't do that -- he had to walk out to make his point heard. Even if he wasn't quite as good as he was, SCSA was always bigger than HHH. 2003 was no exception.
  9. Austin was nothing in 2003, his star had died out sadly. Look at how they booked him for one, the interest just wasn't there. Austin is the bigger legend but then he wasn't the bigger star. RVD was over but he also had a big issue with drugs, not to mention Vince's insistence on pushing his home-grown talent over guys established in another company. How about Summerslam 1999? Austin apparently pulled a tantrum and got the belt put on Foley to job to HHH so he didn't have to. Is HHH a manipulative prick? Yes. Can you blame him for doing what most main event talent has done as though he's one of a kind? No.
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  10. Rob Van Munchies is just a stoner. Booker T is a sucka. Kane sucks. HHH did the right thing
  11. So much hate.

    If you worked with the son(in law) of your boss, it's a logical thing that they have better/more 'things' than somebody who's not the son(in law)?
  12. Former WWE Creative Team Member talks Triple H's Reign of Terror

    2 things:

    1. Lots of people say triple h is very nice and classy in real life.

    2. triple h may have fked kane rvd and others but hes had legendary heel fueds that pushed other guys careers. heel triple helped push the biggest wwe faces. his fued with cena where he was heel, his fued with the rock where everybody loved rock and hated triple h. same goes for his fued with batista. all 3 are huge faces of wwe that probably wouldn't be as big w/o heel triple h fueding with them. triple h being the guy everyone hated and the huge babyface he was fueding with that everyone loved.
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    This ^
  14. Former WWE Creative Team Member talks Triple H's Reign of Terror


    I haven't listened to it, maybe later, but seing the responses, especially seabs's long ass post, I can what's it all about. We all know he berried a lot, but don't over-exagerrate.
  15. Former WWE Creative Team Member talks Triple H's Reign of Terror

    His problem is that he not only voices his opinion where it isn't needed, he forces it through the power that comes with his marriage. I don't think it is fair to superstars that aren't in the same position of power and relation. I guess in a perfect world, every superstar would elope a creative member so the business could be fair; but sadly that's not the case.
  16. Former WWE Creative Team Member talks Triple H's Reign of Terror

    I think Hunter does what's best for the company. If ppl don't like it maybe they have their own selfish interests at heart. I think Rob is a good person, but I can't say he's the best person 2 represent their company.