Lucha Former WWE/TNA member signs with Lucha Underground

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    Daivari had said this via Instagram:

    “Now that the cats outta the bag I feel like I can talk to u guys again. I signed a contract with #luchaunderground and am officially back on TV. LU is the best thing going today for one reason; instead of being a copy of a copy of a copy they threw out the entire f–king play book and said ‘let’s start with what’s hot in 2015. What a f–king idea, RIGHT?!?! Shoulder handled thanks to @spidertechtape”

    I vaguely remember him in the WWE, I didn't really watch much for a couple of those years.. I remember him a lot though from his little over a year in TNA as 'Sheik Abdul Bashir'..

    IMO not a bad signing for LU, I remember hearing he's a pretty solid worker and if people recognize him it definitely brings a little bit more publicity to the company I suppose.
  2. Fuck me, he's only 30.
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  3. Seriously? Holy shit. Thought he'd at least be in his late 30's/early 40's.
  4. I thought he was about 35 but apparently he got started with the 'E earlier than most.. similar to Sandow's first run I suppose.
  5. LUG turns pretty much everything to gold. This guy won't be an exception, I suppose.
  6. Judging from the most recent spoilers, he'll be feuding with
    ... (open)

    And that's good.
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