Former WWE writer reveals what was planned for Vince's limo explosion angle

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  1. Former WWE writer reveals what was planned for Vince's limo explosion angle 5 yrs. ago

  2. that sounds like it could have been cool
  3. He had to come back from his fake death when Chris Benoit died.
  4. It would have been fun and cool. But I'm glad he did the respectful thing and came out and revealed himself and used the 3 hours for Benoit instead of something stupid like doing the three hours and having the tribute on ECW the next night.
  5. What's funny if the forced ending is what I had predicted even before the Benoit tragedy - that Vince faked his death just to make people miss him or realize they may need him in some capacity to run the company or something along those lines. I think that's what they would have eventually went with anyway since there's no way Vince was gonna stay off TV forever, and this seemed like a pretty big thing to ignore in the future when they did bring him back.
  6. I would like to have seen this storyline :upset:
  7. I would've liked to see it, could've been interesting. But about bringing him back to TV after being killed... Paul Bearer. :dawg:
  8. Was it not this one that they planned Kennedy to be a part of? Or was that the illegitimate son one that turned out to be Hornswoggle :facepalm1:
  9. This sounded like it would have been a really cool storyline! Shame it had to end though because of the Benoit tragedy :emoji_slight_frown:

  10. yeah the illegitimate son.. didnt kennedy get fired for almost injuring orton?
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