Former WWE writer talks about possible friction between Cena and Vince

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 25, 2012.

  2. When combining injuries (real or storyline) with kayfabe it is pretty pointless to speculate. I don't see how this points to friction between Vince and Cena either. It is much more likely that Vince and Cena have discussed the injury, his character, and the storyline than Vince trying to pull a fast one over Cena and keeping a healthy Cena on the sideline for a month.

    All I take from this is that Dr. James Andrews said Cena would be fine in 2 weeks, which means he will be wrestling Punk at HIAC, which means I'm right, par usual :yes:
  3. :smug:Who knows-if they have to start hunting for a new CENA-Punk would fill the position perfectly.:yay::win:
  4. So, after analyzing that last paragraph for a minute or two, I have come to the conclusion, (If the ex-writer is right), we will never see a Cena heel turn again. However, bring Flair into mind. Once you think about Flair, and how long his career lasted, then you look at Cena as the face of the company currently, then you come to realize that Cena still has a long career in front of him, and things are just starting to fall into place at the moment. Cena could be the next PG version of flair. If Cena were to just up and disapear from the WWE, either Orton or Punk would be the potential faces of the WWE.
  5. Poor cena needs a break :emoji_slight_frown:
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  6. John could always re-structure (sp) his contract so he works a schedule similar to HBK.
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  7. That's the thing with Cena, he's the face of the company, he needs to be there every show.
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