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Forrest vs Alkaline

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Competitors will have 24hrs to submit up to 2 promos
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours

  2. *The Lights Dim and Smoke emerges from the Stage as a Dark Shadow appears from backstage. He makes his way down the ramp and Taunts the fans whilst doing this. He gets into the ring and gets ready*
    So, Alkaline, You wish to take on Fear itself? Now, I came back here after some extensive training to tell the fans to expect the unexpected but you, thinking your a hotshot, came out to challenge me? Alkaline, your downfall starts here, It starts right here in the ring against me....You may of been lucky to beat a champion but wheres the belt to prove your win? Sure there's tapes, DVDs and Eyewitnesses, But did you Win his belt? If you were so confident you would of challenged him for his title instead of fighting me....It just prove how confident you are in facing people higher in the food chain and It also show what level your on. I'm About to take you off my Level and down to the Level of a Amateur!
  3. *As the lights dim and one spotlight flashes at the start of the entrance way. The crowd is clapping along to the entrance theme. Alkaline walks out into the spotlight and it follows him as he heads to the ring. He's wearing green and black wrestling shorts with chain patterns on the sides of them as well as green and black kickpads. He has a black sweat towel covering his head. He slides into the ring and stands in the middle of the ring with the spotlight on him. Slowly he reaches up and removes the towel as the lights come back on as he looks out at the fans. He turns and look at Farooq. Alkaline grabs a mic and beings to speak.*​
    AK: Fear itself, really? If you are fear then fear has never looked so pitiful. It's pretty obvious that you are just some scrub that has watched one too many horror movies. I'd also assume that your mom didn't hug you enough as a child. But either way. Am I a hotshot? Yes. I've done things in this company no one has ever done before. I won the royal rumble and wrestled in the main event of wrestlemania. I won the united states championship at Payback and made it into the world TV championship. I then went to war with arguably the greatest champion in this company's history, Senhor Perfect. Yes I beat Farooq last week, but you ask why I didn't challenge him for his title? well quite simple. Because I don't give a shit about this company or the titles they have. I Care about going to war! The way this company is run is a joke and I am on a crusade to save it, by killing it. I will burn this company to the ground and reshape it as it should be. Everyone else is just a bump in the road, some just have straps of tin around their waists. So before you go on to call me just a flash in the pan or coward then know this. I am a warrior, I face anyone in this company. I've been main event, I've been show opener and everything in between. Later this week I am teaming up with Aids Johnson, a man I absolutely despise in a tag match. And after that I will face him in a singles match, and after that I will get another victim, and another and so forth. Until everyone in this company is lying face up, looking at the lights as my hand is raised high, and then I set this building on fire.​
    *Crowd pops*​
    AK: You have the gall to call me an amateur? I've done more in this business than you will ever do. You can stand there, with your goth look and your black paint and try to be the bastard son of Freddy Krueger but there is one big flaw in your strategy. I have no fears. Everyone is afraid of something, but he who embraces his fears rises above them and grows stronger. I did that a long time ago. I am a horse of war, a soldier on a battlefield and you can't be scared when going to war. You can try whatever parlor trick you have but I won't back down. I'll get back at you, and I'll hit you again, and again, and again, and again! And then I'll grab that measly little neck of yours and I will start popping, and cracking and snapping it like bubble wrap. You call me the amateur? You are nothing but a chump yourself kid. But you stepped in the jungle with me, and in this jungle, I am the king!​
  4. Well, If your at war, it seems that your losing as nothing has changed here. If you were truly at war, then you would of taken control by now if you have defeated the best of the best. You sound more like the god damn Pope by talking about Crusades. You call your self King....But where the proof? At the moment you haven't got the top title in the business....You don't run the show...You've resorted to picking fight with people like me.

    *Nightmare starts to Pace around the ring*

    If your a Warrior, then where is the rest of your army? Where's your leader, Wheres your king? Don't act like Braveheart because this is a war that you won't win.
    If you want to kill it, then you should of at least took Farooq's title...but, Unlike me, You've never taken any chances that have been handed out to you.
    Your Win.....Was a Fluke. The Cure have a better chance of taking down this company then you. This War.....It is your downfall.
    One by One, Many Losses will come and you will be put back down to that level you started on....You'll be a Jobber by the time this war is over.
    As for my Personal Life, I don't really care for what you say about it....Only I know the truth....You can talk all you want about my childhood but at least I had one..
  5. *Alkaline laughs*

    AK: Ladies and gentlemen, comedian of the year right here! Its cute that you think you have me figured out. I've never taken any shot given to me? That's because nothing has been handed to me. I have earned every title shot I've had. I earned my title reign. Everything I have in this company, royal rumble winner, world title contender, tag title contender, US champ, World TV champ all of it, I have earned. Sure I've hit my share of road blocks but that doesn't stop me. Because nothing that was thrown in front me killed me. You kick me down, I get back up. That's how I work, I am the unkillable man, walking fighting spirit.

    *Crowd pop*

    AK: You also show that you truly are just a kid. "Where's your proof? why aren't you at the top?" etc etc. You truly have no sense of patience do you? I don't intend to change this company over night. I know it will take a long long time, one step at a time, one match at a time, for every day I fight I get closer to my goal. This isn't a skirmish, but a long term war with a long term goal.

    And I call myself king? Yes, I do. But not because of titles around my waist, but because of who I am. I am the hardest worker and hardest figter, hardest brawler you name it. I am king of this ring because I make it my domain whenever I step into it. I stake my claim and everyone who steps in the ring with me has to claw and scrape to take ground from me. Those that beat me I respect, those who I beat I throw out of this building head first. Why should I have taken Farooq's title when I can gain momentum, when I can go above everyone else in this company, and force management to give me a shot at the IWT championship? And once I am the only one on the top, then we really start the party... The best made dishes are the ones that cook over a long period of time. And I have no problem cooking a little longer. Unlike the rest of you idiots I can see things and think over a longer perspective. Will this war be the end of me? Maybe, but history remembers those that go out in a blaze of glory. It doesn't matter who I go out in a blaze of glory against, be it you, Aids Johnson or the Cure. None of you have what it takes to kill me anyway.

    You say that I am a fluke? Hah! What have you delivered on? Maybe you shouldn't throw stones in glass houses boy. Have I won matches? yes, have I lost matches? yes. My loses don't define me, my wins don't define me, my title reigns and accomplishments don't define me! What defines me is what is said about me when all is said and done and I ain't breathing anymore. And I will do everything in my power to go down as the man who changed this company, as its hardest worker and fiercest warrior, It won't happen today though. Because you with all your smoke and all your mirrors don't have what it takes to kill me. If you beat me today it will only make me even more fierce and determined.

    I call myself king of the jungle, because I am the lion of these woods. You're just a small dog who can't back up his bark with his bite.

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