Forum Games in the Locker-Room?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Lacky, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I know you're trying to knuckle down on extremely low quality posts. That's probably where the "YES Game" went, and no-one has restarted a "Let's count to 10000" post. So I was wondering If you could tell me what would make a acceptable forum game?

    I have plenty of games I could choose from, but I'm wondering if their is a criteria or requirement due to Low Quality posts?
  2. Anything that brings activity to the members wouldn't be counted as low quality, so long as most of the posts aren't just spam. A game that encourages creativity and thought would be worth having.

    As for the let's-count-to-X-type "games", I'd consider them to be more of a generic activity than a game, which I've never really been much of a fan of.

    What games did you have in mind?
  3. Game 1 :

    WWEForums Story Game - A game where you can only post 3 words, creating a story with other users.
    For Instance :

    User 1 : It was a

    User 2 : Dark Wet Night

    User 3: A Strange Man....

    So on.. so forth..

    Game 2 : Tell a Lie about the poster above you

    Simple Enough, right?

    Game 3 : Rate the Avatar above you.

    Simple game all you do is rate an Avatar.

    "1/10 I hate Kelly Kelly"

    Game 4 : Ban the Person Above You Game!

    It's simple, and creative you think of ways to ban the person above you.

    "Banned for been too active" "Banned for posting too much" "Banned for liking Kelly Kelly"

    Game 5 : Share A Random Fact About Yourself.

    Simple enough, tell someone a random fact about yourself that we don't know.

    Any of these games would be a good way to pass the time when the forum is inactive.
  4. Most times I've seen three-word games on forums, they usually just end up with people posting randomness and then they lose activity.
    As for the others, while they're tried and tested activities, I feel like they've been done so many times that the novelty has worn off (with the exception of game 5, see below).

    The activity about sharing facts could be good for other members to get to know one-another, but it relies entirely on honesty and could soon die out if people just start lying.

    But you're more than free to post any of those games.
  5. Those ones are fine (specifically like #5). Pika nailed it on the head, creativity is key and makes it fun. Spamming the same word/number (but adding 1) isn't really of quality.

    Though those 3 word games go sour all the time lol.
  6. Okay, Well @[Crayo] I'll implement the games over time if you want?, to make sure the whole forum isn't bombarded with games, Unless it would be okay to make the threads at once?
  7. Up to you. Anyone can make a game at any time :emoji_slight_smile:.
  8. Should play D&D.