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    Shepard Smith: Welcome to FOX News, I am Shepard Smith. We open this program we very breaking news. IWT wrestler, Tyrone Martin...has died. Last night at about 11:59 pm, he overdosed on...gayness. His death was also associated with heavy Tebowness and drinking. We have reached out to his best friend Tim Tebow for comment.
    Tim Tebow: Uh, you know. First of all, I want to thank my lord and savior, Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed gay boy. He taught me how to throw a ball right, he also got me a super bowl ring. I am sad to see him go, JESUS CHRIST!
    Shepard Smith: Tyrone Martin was booked to compete against @Forrest on December 8th. Only 2 days away, Tyrone Martin gladly left us that left wing piece of shit! I am glad this piece of shit drank a ton of alcohol! Barack! That's alcohol! Do some of it! I'm Shepard Smith! And Tyrone Martin is a dead piece of trash!

  2. RIP Tyrone Martin
    His gayness will be missed
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