Storyline Free the rose and unleash the thorns.

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    *In the middle of an episode of IWT VICE, A video starts to play and it shows an IWT ring in a darkened arena covered by smoke and fog and the sounds of a body hitting a matt echoes out.
    The camera moves into the ring to show a masked wrestler hit the mat and shows a shadow of a woman step over him as she speaks showing an accent,*

    "Soon I'll be ready to face everything I'm the fear and I'm the future no one is going to stop me /
    They see me as wicked in the head but I'll show them all why the rose is feared."

    *The camera follows her as she exits the ring only showing her boots and she takes a seat and rests against the apron as the camera rises up to show her face and it's shown to be Lilith Young who stares into the camera and as the camera zooms into her eyes as she closes them audio and video starts to play of her time wrestling in Japan,Ireland and in the US as sound bites play calling her “Black Rose” and “Blood Rose” and as she opens her eyes the sound stops dead and the camera pans around her as a voice over plays.*

    "One match just one match is all I need to show that this rose has many painful thorns.
    I want to show everyone that I’m more that I’m ready to fight that I’m not just a cute face looking for stardom. This is my dream since I was a kid and now this is my time and this is my shot and no one is taking this from me not again. I Have this fire inside of me that sitting at ringside can't feed anymore.
    I'm as good as they say I am and I’m as dangerous as they say I am as my eyes are seeing’ red double vision from the blood I’ve shed."

    *As the VO ends Lilith stands up and the lights come on to show the VICE set with everything off and all the seats empty but at the stage is Chris Young who mouths “It’s Your time now” and walks away.
    Lilith Starts to walk up the ramp before stopping and looking back at the ring and shadow of an unknown IWT wrestler is in the ring as Lilith starts to walk away again and a new VO starts.*

    "I’m full of deep cuts right down to the marrow my bones are shattered but it doesn’t matter cause I am moving’ forward as I am a woman on a mission. Kill the silence with a new spin, I am going to show the world I’m here to make a name and show this is not a joke and I’m going to blow the doors off of this place.
    IWT, The Witch is here and it’s time to bow down or be wiped out.
    I am the only one to fear here this is the dawn of new light and darkness here in IWT and I will be the catalyst .
    SummerSlam awaits me."

    *The video ends as she walks walk through curtains as the screen fades to the IWT SummerSlam Logo with the caption "Free me and unleash the thorns . Soon" *

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