Storyline Free?

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  1. *The camera sits low the ground and shows Trip sitting in his dark lair holding the bear as usual. But something seems...different.*

    TRIP: ANSWER ME! *as he shakes the bear violently* Grrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha..........

    *Trip grabs the stuffed bear by the head and looks it in the eyes*

    TRIP: I guess I don't NEED you anymore then! *Trip rips the head off the bear, then the arms, and finishes with the legs. He keeps tearing at the bear until it nothing but a pile of fabric and cotton stuffing. He then stops and looks around.* Hehehe, I'm FREE! Free from her influence! She must have.....left? *Trip strokes his chin. He then shrugs and just says calmly* - Oh well.

    *Trip crawls close to the ground all the way up to the camera lens. It sputters with static as the feed cuts in and out.*

    TRIP: So now......-*Grabbing the camera lens*- who's next in line!?
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  2. Yeah, this whore is free. Have your way with her.
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