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    *Tyson Storm boldly makes his way to the ring with a mixed reaction from the audience. He enters the ring and climbs the top rope to taunt. Tyson calls for a mic as he stands tall in the middle of the ring*

    Tyson Storm: My name is Tyson Storm and I'm here to show you the definition of a superstar. I am unknown here and most of those IWT superstars don't give a shit about me....Yet. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to break bones and have fun while doing it. I had to work from the very bottom to get here! I had to wrestle in the independent scene for years in Ireland and England before anyone noticed me. But now one of the IWT agents noticed me and signed me to a nice little contract here in IWT. I just want to make something clear right from the beginning.....I do this for myself and I couldn't give a fuck about anyone watching me. I don't need the respect of fat wrestling fans watching from home or you imbeciles here tonight. I'm going to make the impact that I need in the coming weeks and I promise it will be glorious!

    *Tyson begins to laugh as the audience continue to boo him*

    Tyson Storm: Continue to boo me! Get more people to notice me! "Rudianos" was a war god and in my opinion the biggest badass to ever step foot on the great land of Ireland. I take his name because I am a warrior and soon I will be a God here in IWT. I strongly believe I'm Rudianos in human form. Look at me! I'm strong, fast, gorgeous, very well equipped downstairs if you know what I mean and I'm a badass in that ring. What else do you people need? I'm everything you want to be! I'm the face all of you dream about at night and I'm the face your lovers dream about when you guys are you know.....Doing stuff. Did I make everything clear yet? Wait....I love my own voice so much I'm going to talk a little more with you all.

    *Tyson begins to get a massive amount of boos from the audience as he takes it all in*

    Tyson Storm: But every great God has to start somewhere. IWT won't just give me the World title so I need to start elsewhere.....Maybe I can take the next best thing? I always did see myself as a great Intercontinental Champion so maybe IWT can just give me that title? I mean who even cares about who holds it now? Give it to me and fire whoever has that title right now. I deserve anything I want and I want that white strap so I demand it and I demand the current title holder to be fired at the spot! You know what.....Let him keep it. I might as well just beat him to take the title when I want it. But.....what else is there to do around here? I was just about to become Intercontinental Champion but I decided to pass on it for now. Maybe I can become The first ever Galactic Champion here and now? And I don't mean that Television Championship Schizo is walking around with. I want to be the champion of everything and that means these people here tonight! These people want it so why not? Someone tell the GM of IWT I want the Galactic Championship to be made right now. This is great guys! You all love me already so this has to work.

    *One of the IWT camera men enter the ring and inform Tyson of what would be the GM's decision*

    Tyson Storm: No?! He said no?! Why did he say no?! This was a solid championship idea that could have been the main event title! Who wants the World title when you could be the Galactic Champion? I was about to be the champion of all these damn people and the GM was too selfish to say yes? I would have done great things as champion of these people.....I really can't believe that the GM would say no to such a great idea. But I guess I'm stuck at stage one again. Well I guess I'm going to go for the.......
    *Tyson Storm is interrupted by unknown music*
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    The music of the "Head Pimp in Charge" Slate Bass is well underway as the man himself finally makes his way out onto the stage.

    Slate: Even though i am assuredly well known to most of the audience in attendance due to my previous ventures, allow me to introduce myself to the uneducated masses here in IWT.
    Slate does a quick two-step, beginning his walk down the ramp.
    Slate: I am the Jive Talkin', Pimp Walkin', Funk Lovin', Booty Whippin', Head Pimp in Charge ...Slate Bass, baby.
    Slate stops at the steps leading up to the ring and looks at Tyson Storm.
    Slate: Sorry to interrupt you, my dear boy, but after seeing you raging in this here ring, I needed to get to the eye of the storm.
    Slate walks up the steps and saunters into the ring.
    Slate: I was in the back, doing what Slate Bass does best, being Slate Bass...and I couldn't help but hear that you wanted to be handed gold in IWT before you even had a chance to blink twice in this world. Now, I'm all for self-promotion and self-confidence, but even I know that nothing gets handed to anybody, jack. You either earn your way up or sleaze your way up, you take the role of player one until you're the one playa' left in the game, daddy-o. I'll be the first to admit, I'm new here too, and I am not in contention for a damn thing. Difference here between the funky-fresh and the Irish-spring, is that funk isn't delusional.
    Slate Bass walks closer to Tyson and walks around him as Tyson watches him.
    Slate: I'm not a man to lie, so I'll come straight from the hip with it. You are one mighty specimen of a wrestler, if I do say-so myself. Like you, i'm not here to make friends. I'm not here to garner the adoration of all of these cretins that call themselves "fans". No, I'm here to do what another promotion wouldn't let me do, and that's be the best damn thing I can be. I outshine on every vine, and when people swing with me they always fall far from the tree. I'm here to be a champion, I'm here to show everyone that I am what I already know I am. A legend and the funkin' best.
    The audience in attendance viciously boo Slate Bass.
    Slate: Yes, yes, boo me, it doesn't matter, I have money, women, fame, clubs and funk, so I don't care what you all think. Not one bit.
    The audience boos louder.
    Slate: Back down to business, and the important parts of why I'm out here. As we've both stated, we don't need friends. Hell, I don't even like you based off of the five minutes I've known you. But I recognize that nobody survives around here unless they have powerful allies watching their backs. Real recognizes real, Mr. Storm. We both want greatness, and we can both have it. It's as simple as this, I'm looking to make a new investment. I'll admit, my last one didn't quite pan out, but that's what happens when someone else thinks they know better than you do...However, I have, let's say faith, in this one. I trust that you and I have similar interests even though we come from entirely, complete polar opposite ways of life. Although I shall make it known that I, Slate Bass, am also one-third Irish. I want to invest my time, my career, my interests, my future and most importantly my you. And I want you to do the same with me. You see, we don't have to like each other, because i know for damn sure that given an opportunity, we would both mangle one another to achieve our goals...but we're both smarter men and see a good thing coming when one is presented to you in such...
    Slate tips his fedora towards Tyson.
    Slate: -Funky fashion.
    Slate crosses his arms, looking at Tyson Storm.
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  3. *Tyson Storm looks at Slate Bass with a puzzled look on his face. He begins to speak once again while looking Slate Bass right in the eyes*

    Tyson Storm: I may have wanted a little too much for my first night here in IWT. But as I'm sure you know I will be at that main event stage soon enough and I'm damn sure you'll be up there with me as well. But.....I'm never going to like you. Your music gives me a headache and your walk gives me indigestion. To be honest with you man I can't really stand that hat you have.....Way too big for me but I guess that's your kind of thing. Also your sense of dress must be an acquired taste.

    *Tyson Storm begins to think for a minute*

    Tyson Storm: But since you're one-third Irish I need to hear you out. What kind of Irish Warrior would I be if I didn't listen to my people? But before you begin talking again I must say speak carefully and truthfully. I will only take so much and you seem to be reaching my limit....Whether that's a bad thing or a good thing is yet to be seen.

    *Tyson Storm stops speaking for a second. Slate Bass is about to speak as Tyson Storm cuts him off real quick*

    Tyson Storm: But....We are different people. I grew up in Ireland and to be honest we didn't have shit to our name. I needed to go out and make our family mean something and that's what I did. I was naturally gifted inside that ring and everyone saw it. They began to kiss my ass at that point since they knew I was going to make it. These are the same people that didn't give a shit about me growing up but they somehow remembered who I was when I got this offer from IWT. This is the reason why I don't trust people in anyway at all and that's smart for me. I know you want this for your own interest and I can respect that. You're not going to kiss my ass like most people would do. You're going to use this to reach your goal and then you will turn your back on me. I don't mind this since I'm going to do the same thing to you. I'm going to reach greatness in IWT with your help and then I'm going to turn my back on you.

    *Tyson Storm smiles at Slate Bass*

    Tyson Storm: IWT is a bad place for someone without backup and we both know this. Those guys in the back don't give a shit about me or Slate over there. We're probably just another meal ticket for those veterans back there. But I have a damn good feeling that Mr. Bass has a good offer to prevent this from happening. So let's hear him out. What is your offer?

    *Tyson Storm begins to wait for Slate Bass to speak*
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  4. Slate smirks at Tyson Storm.
    Slate: You get it. You know what I'm offering. Me and you, in a tag-team. We get the money, the honeys, and the gold. Any and all gold, by any means necessary, brotha. We don't need these people. We need each other to survive. We need greatness. We can be funkin' glorious...together.
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  5. *Tyson Storm agrees with Slate Bass as he begins to speak*

    Tyson Storm: Today is the day when the two hottest young stars in wrestling today became allies. People need to know how big this really is! This is like Mars and Earth having a baby while The Sun and The Moon have a baby and their babies have a baby and that's us right now! This is greatness at its greatness as we both stand in this ring....I'm surprised the ring hasn't exploded yet with all of this electricity in one damn ring! Guys what is better than this? I think I just covered how great this is guys. And to my friend I say yes. We are going to break this tag team division in half and bring that gold home baby! People of the future will remember 13/08/2016 as the day of Tyson Storm and Slate Bass.

    *Tyson Storm begins to take it all in as the audience continue to boo him*

    Tyson Storm: All this will be remembered. They will remember how good I look and how good you look. They will remember how the fans loved me and they will remember your great hat. We're so good we don't even need a name. I'm sure we just put IWT on notice and I'm sure as hell we'll be the top picks for that Tag Team Championships tournament. Now let's go backstage and grab a few honeys.

    *Tyson Storm shakes Slate Bass's hand ending the segment*
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