Storyline From inside the mental institution...

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  1. To get the inside story, an interviewer and camera crew goes into the mental institution where Victoria Parker is reportedly held. Upon arrival, the IWT crew is put in touch with the psychiatrist placed on her case. Walking down the hallway, Dr. Strong is found standing outside a client's room. The camera zooms in on the client inside the room. Victoria is shown restraint in a straight jacket, looking up at the ceiling as if in a daze.

    Josh: Hello Dr. Strong? I'm Josh from IWT with some questions for you about Victoria's current well-being.
    Dr. Strong nodded slightly, awaiting the questions
    Josh: What are your current impressions of Victoria since she arrived?
    Strong: In my professional opinion, Victoria is a threat to herself and others. Her current antics could have seriously injured the fans, herself, and other superstars. She is one of the most severe cases that I've seen in some time. From my initial analysis of her case, it appears as if she hasn't addressed some underlying personal and professional issues. We will be addressing those in the very near future. Until she is medically cleared by the staff here at the hospital, she will not be returning to the IWT.
    Josh: Thank you Dr. Strong, we appreciate your time.

    There is loud noise heard inside of Victoria's cell. "You to go now!" Dr. Strong rushes in to Victoria's room. The camera zooms in to see Victoria, slamming her head viciously into the hard brick wall. Blood is pouring from her skull as the medical staff pulls her away from the wall. With a glazed over expression on her face, Victoria's voice can be heard clearly. "I'm the IWT one is going to take my precious title away from me...Aids doesn't have my title...that was all a terrible dream. Victoria, you need to wake yourself up. The queen can never be dethroned."

    Victoria seems to come back into consciousness and looks out the window from her cell. She notices the camera focusing in on her. Her expression changes instantly to a dark, demonic stare as she nearly gets free of the staff and starts charging towards the door. Her hair is stained with her own blood as she starts screaming in rage. "GET THAT CAMERA OFF OF ME! Did Aids send you? I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF FOR SPYING ON ME!" As the staff finally gets her wrapped up and pinned down on the ground with a sedative in hand, she's still heard screaming until the medicine kicks in and she falls asleep. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! I don't belong in this place. Let me go so I"

    Josh and the camera crew quickly head down the hallway until the camera goes black.
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  2. *Lights turn off*
    *Anonymous titantron begins to play*

    *cuts to break*
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  3. I just marked and then the Anon titantron might as well have been the finish. Wow. So good, both. wow.
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  4. OOC: You sure do love crazy bitches
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  5. Getting the IWt's sloppy 7th's. Even Jono had his minute.

    I'm so jelly.
  6. You've always got George
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  7. Just imagine, had he beat senhor. Where would the cure be now?

    Would you have still ran to fail at your own e-fed? Would Senhor have the X-division belt?
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  8. Oh Georgie Boy.....