Storyline From Main Event To This?

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  1. *The scene opens up in the IWT arena, when...*

    *The crowd cheers when the new music of Joey and Frie plays over the speakers. Frie runs out onto the stage with a smirk on his face and Joey slowly walks out behind him with his arm raised. Frie pats Joey on the chest as Joey screams to the fans. They both walk down to the ring side by side and roll into the ring. They both request mics from ringside as Joey nods his head to the beat and Frie taunts to the fans. The music fades and Joey raises his mic to his mouth.*

    "Frie you know, something funny happened this weekend."

    *Frie makes a confused joking face and looks at Joey*

    "Yea the Slammy card was released!"

    *The crowd cheers and Frie still looks at Joey with the same face.*

    "I mean that's not all though. There are so many great matches down that card, so many great memories that can be created, but at the same time, the potential breakout star of the year isn't even booked!"

    *Frie keeps the same look on his face and raises his mic*

    "B.Dazzle? Well Joey I think you're a little confused he is booked."

    *The crowd laughs and Joey just stares at Frie.*

    "I was talking about myself, Frie. Bottom line is it's a potential felony that I was booked in 2 main events in 2 straight months yet I'm not even going to be on the first show of 2014! 2013 may not have been the year of Joey Bryant but that's what new years resolutions are for right? No not really, those are just people telling lies to themselves. But I do have a little belated Christmas gift that I never got to hand out, and it's specially wrapped for just whoever takes it. It's a match, with the former number one contender to the world title, Joey Bryant or a match with a partner of your choosing against myself with the man, the myth, the emperor of eager, Frie. Happy New Year, and what a way to start it but with Joey Bryant and potentially Frie opening the year!"
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  2. A blinding light comes from the bottom of the stage and a horde of concubines and datcolytes come crawling out from the hole. The concubines begin covering the stage in flower pedals as the Datcolytes bow down in the directing of the light. Dat Kid slowly rises from the light with his arms stretched out, looking up. Dat Kid looks at the two in the ring as the light fades.

    Joey Bryant, I don't think we've been formally introduced, I am God.

    I've been watching you for some time Joey. I've even been rooting for you. You could say that you were...God's favorite. Your convictions were strong and I believed you deserved to be the IWT Champion, so from the shadows I've been making sure the buffoons in creative made it so.....BUT YOU FAILED ME!

    You lost your opportunities, not once, but twice and you stand there complaining about not being on the first match card of the year? You don't deserve to be on the first show of the year! By losing, you have sinned against me. You became arrogant in your rise and lazy. The Joey Bryant I chose, is not the Joey Bryant I see now. I mean look at who you're standing with, this, this, this COMMONER!

    Kid points at Frie

    No longer will I move things around for you from the shadows. It seems that you need God to come down from his perch in the heavens and move you by FORCE! I am here to accept your challenge Bryant. Joey Bryant and your insignificant friend beside you, in a 2 on 1 handicap match against God!

    Crowd pop

    ...however, an undeserved fight with God comes at a price, just ask Gav the Chav, so I have a stipulation. If you lose this match against me, you will become my most loyal members of the Datcolytes, I will even do you the courtesy of allowing Frie to also become a Datcolyte. If you win on the other hand, you both will be rewarded with gold...if you understand what I mean. The heathens claim I am not "in charge" of this place, but there is no word more powerful, than the word of God.

    You can either accept my offer or you can spend the remainder of your days in IWT looking back on how you ALMOST won the championship.
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  3. *Joey goes from having a smirk on his face to straight intensity as he looks at the stage to Dat Kid/"God"*

    "I failed you? Well you're not the only one I've failed, I failed these people, I failed Aids, I failed myself but thing is I can accept failure, everybody fails at something. But I could never accept not trying. A man can fail many times but he isn't a true failure until he blames someone else. I've always put the blame on myself, I never turned to other peoples success to bring me down."

    *Joey pats Frie on the shoulder*

    "Seems he thinks you're insignificant, time to show the world what you're all about, eh?"

    *Joey begins pacing back and forth in the ring*

    "You know "God" ever since joining IWT back in June there was one guy I never got to face or even confront with, that man was Dat Kid. It's odd because you were always a man I looked upped to and wanted to see with gold but Joey Bryant knows you're a changed man. Your ego has grown bigger than what it was before and you actually consider yourself a being that deserves to be bowed to. You'll soon learn, just like everyone else has learned, Joey Bryant is nobodies bitch."

    *Crowd pops and he's about to stop but looks at Frie.*

    "And neither is Frie. And I'm sick of people doubting him too. You're on."
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  4. Dat Kid smiles at the two standing in the ring.

    Jesus wept

    Dat Kid taps his cane on the stage twice and the hole in the floor opens up again, the concubines and datcolytes quickly scurry inside it. Dat Kid waves goodbye and jumps down the hole.
  5. Gav would like to wish you 2 good look coz your gunna need it