From Sunny Shores to Shiny Doors

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  1. A man gets out of a taxi cab outside the arena wearing a yellow Hawaiian Shirt with purple shapes as a design, he is wearing sunglasses with a yellow rim on them, red shorts with white lines around the end of the pant leg and with a white flower design. yellow arm band tassels (similar to the Ultimate Warrior) a Straw hat and flip flops. The Taxi cab driver pulls out a surfboard and hands it to the man as well as a small suitcase. The man thanks him, and heads into the arena. He unpacks his stuff outside a locker in the locker room, the locker has a white label named "Danny Cortez" on it.

    "Narley man, totally psyched to be here. See if I can't find a few beach bunnies here who can watch while I'm cruisin' in the beautiful shore of I-W-T"

    Danny Cortez shuts the door on his bags and grabs his surfboard as a stage hand passes the locker room informing the ring has been set-up for him. Danny makes his way to the ring, narrowly avoiding a few breakages with equipment, he ends up behind the curtain where he soaks himself in some water.

    Crowd React very surprised with a few enthusiasts and all plants begin to dance to his music. The stage has two inflatable palm trees are either side, attached to the floor as they blow from the fan. Cortez walks through the curtain, with his surfboard in hand as he flops his body to his theme, he waves to the fans as he heads to the ring which has been resigned to have a wooden ring design banner, some tiki torches in the back corners, a hammock and a few coconut glasses on a wooden pine table, Danny enters the ring by sliding his surfboard in the ring and slides in, he then continues to flop to the beat of his theme before it dies down and he gets a microphone from the ring assistant.

    Danny Cortez: Aloha IWT and Aloha shoobies. and welcome to what I call my inner circle, the waves have swept me up and spat me out at your beachouse. I see we have Betty's and Bro's all here, a few crushers or two. I am here not to be Da Mamie or to . I am here to Hang Loose, chillax, go deep, you know what I am saying

    The fans look confused at what Danny has said, barely able to comprehend what he means

    Danny Cortez: I am Danny Cortez, Ocean Man to you Shoobies (Crowd Chant "What"), hailing from the land of the surf, Good Ol' Australian, shredding waves, kissing babes, chilling with Cuz's and catching buses, cus I got places to be and people to see.

    "Crowd Chant What"

    Danny Cortez: IWT is a new territory for me to discover. I am no Waxboy or wannabe, no, no, Danny Cortez isn't a woofie, I am not going to take Gas from any swamp monkey or surf nazi. I believe in equality, all dudes & dudette's can take on take their stick and hang loose in this rad company. If you don't see me in the ring, I'll be out back with a 6-pack of Fosters if ya wanna chill, that would be total guster. But before I take to the drink like the dolphin takes to the sea, I fancy seeing if I am a Barney at this wrestling thing, so can we get a Brody out here and lets hit some jimes in the Inner Circle Bro.
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  2. Haha, it's all good dude. I hope you enjoy IWT and the forum as a whole.
    Also,you oughta make an intro thread so we can get to know you. You can do that here:
  3. So much admin to take part in an e-fed lol
  4. The last part isn't about the e-fed, it's about the forum in general and it let's people get to know ya better. If you don't want to do it you don't have to, lol.
  5. Welcome to the IWT, brah.
  6. OOC: I believe that Taz is looking for an opponent and to have his very first match. If someone could offer to be his first opponent that would be awesome :)
  7. *Tyrone Martin and Tim Tebow are sitting on a bridge watching*
    Tim Tebow: I really have no idea what the hell is going.
    Tyrone Martin: Neither did that football when you were throwing it.
  8. When have you last competed?

    I;ve had two matches in the past month, and have two more set up in the next few weeks for the anniversary show. It would be fair to give others a chance, right? If no one steps up in the next few hours, i'll gladly face Taz.
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  9. you can compete in both? In fact the man who made this thread also does.
  10. I know I can compete in both promotions, is just that I don't want to lose against him again. Nevermind, it's been a long time since my last promo battle. I'm in!
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  11. @gav the chav

    Get in some singles action.

    Edit: Nevermind.
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  12. *Jacob comes out with no music*

    First of all, congratulations Danny for getting here. It's been a while since I left to have some time off. I want to prove myself again, so lets go through war! Are you ready, sir?
  13. I dont see why it couldnt be a 3way match.
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  14. You're right.

    @gav the chav

    Get in here and kick some ass!
  15. sure i'll crush both these mother fuckers
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