FTJ Fainly talk about everything about what did all this month!

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    Note: What I said in this Promo is not real just part of the IWT Storyline please don't hate.
    David Otunga Music Plays​
    David Otunga coming out and makes his way to the ring
    Gets a Mic.
    My name is David Otunga the lawer of the great FTJ U have all wanted to hear from him since he made his return and Powerbomb Dat Kid off the stage, And why he wanted to face @CrayJ Lee for the WWE Champion over the World Champion. Well I will not waste anymore time with out farther a do I GIVE YOU THE GREAT FTJ!
    FTJ Music Plays
    FTJ coming out with a mic aka :pipebomb: in hand and look behind him and does a hand sign and 5 security guards come out with and he and the security guards make there way to the ring there now in the ring!
    Its time to drop a :pipebomb: I all of you! You all of the IWT wanted to now WHY I powerbomb Dat Kid threw stage and why I wanted Lee and the IWT WWE Title! :why: :why: ! Let me ask you all something!? Why since this IWT started have I been the only one was SCREW! I was the 1st IWT WWE Heavyweight Champion and was screw at the Rumble PPV after I had the match won and then Catwoman 1stly as britanica restart the match do to outside infeared BS! There are no restart in IWT! I should still be the WWE Champion of IWT! Then the lead Up to E.Rules I was soport in the world champion match only to be suappend by brita 2 day before the ppv! BS! When I can back I made sore EVERYONE IN THE IWT KNEW THAT I WAS SERIUS! Which is why I took out Dat Kid b/c he though that he was get rematch but he was not! AS IT WAS MIND TITLE SHOT! AFTER BEATING BRITANICA IN THAT COURT CASE And fouse her to give me a world or wwe title of iwt of my chice! I pick Lee the WWE Champion! B/c a WOMAN SHOULD BE THE WWE CHAMPION OF IWT! That why diva title for woman! This is the best title in the IWT! and in one month it is all screw up! Which is why Dat Kid should NEVER EEEEEEVER be a lot to wrestle in the iwt AGAIN which is another reason why it was good to take him out he has not been seen since! Her did not desave to hold that belt and this prove by lose it to some woman who should be in the diva title hunt! Lee this Sunday if u though what I did to dat kid was bad just wait until MITB PPV when I BEAT FOR THE IWT WWE CHAMPION! I WILL this bad stink u have brought to the IWT WWE Title! AND WIN BACK THE TITLE THAT I NEVER LOSE! AND THAT IS IT! I AM WALK OUT OF THE MITB PPV OF IWT AS THE NEW IWT WWE HEAVYWEIGT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD DEAL WITH IT! :pipebomb: Hit my Music!
    FTJ Music Plays.

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  2. OOC - I'm coming for you Gohan.​
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  3. :gtfo: of he JOBBER! U a not apart of this storyline!
  4. OOC: Your titantron is awesome; makes you look like the badass of IWT.
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  5. You really should take real bumps in EBW and not rolls.
  6. it was not made for iwt it was made for may backyard wrestling. but thank u.
  7. I do take real bumps.
  8. Listen Half-pint, The Cure will have to treat your mediocrititis sooner or later!
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  9. I take these bumps on a weekly basis.

    Your bumps (Especially your suplexs as you just roll)

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  10. Look at that in-ring attire. Legendary.
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  11. :idk:
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  12. David Otunga sucks.
  13. OOC- Does he purposely write like this to make us feel puzzled or w0t?
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  14. OOC: We are a bit unsure as he wrote a promo in his WWE Title match correctly so.
  15. OOC- OK, thanks.