Storyline FTJ have a new group fourming!

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    FTJ Come out from his theme song and he make his way to ring!

    I AM FTJ! And after being fire from ACW! AND WINNING MY MATCH AGAINST @Dat Kid! YES @Jonathan u can said your BS all YOU KNEW I WON THE MATCH EVERYONE SEEM ME SUMMER DAT KID ASS AND PIN HIM 1-2-3! And then u rehired him OH HELL NO! and then its no contact fuck off! I WON THAT MATCH END OF STORY CASE CLOSED! But now that I am back in IWT! Here how it going I being my group from ACW here to IWT TO TAKE OVER IT! WE ARE "THE JOCKS" @Nano We have someelse coming from ACW as well to rejoin "The Jocks" We will take over this IWT compuy! And then I will beat @Aids Johnson who I beat in ACW to be the NEW IWT WWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AND TAKE OVER IWT!

  2. OOC:Dont bring up ACW in IWT, remember all the times you said that to me? You got a no-show win there because it wasnt worth my time. You will never get a title shot against me, and if you do it will be voting brah, which we both know you stand 0 chance at winning. Good luck bby, ill give you a title shot if you post a video about us being steamy hot lovers who cuddle under covers. Until then, OH HELL NO I NO FACE MIDCARD!
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  3. Please don't put himdirectly in the main event. He should have to work his way up, not handed title shots and main events. Besides, he fucksuck.
  4. He isn't getting a title shot.
  5. Read the rules and sign the contract.

    You aren't under contract and you aren't getting any match until you do.

    And no, you aren't getting a title shot right now. Earn it.
  6. I AM NOT A MID CARD! AND I NEVER SAID THAT! I alway brought IWT IN ACW! as being the real world champion! any way i can understand if ur scary!?
  7. Nano admitted he wrote your 4th promo.

    I'm not going over this again. The match was a no contest, you didn't win.

    End of discussion.
  8. Haha im not scared of you, you just are in the back of the line for people deserving a shot against the champ.
  9. i did write a promo which he reface to for me so i could win. still won. and even dat kid gave me the win in his fuckin promo so just fuck off and asape i fuckin won!
  10. aids u know i can beat you! i prvoe it already! ur scary to face me!
  11. I'll face you anytime, but my belt isn't on the line vs you because like i said, you are not even close to #1 contender, you have to EARN that. You dont just cheat to win and then tell me you deserve a shot at my gold, there are people here who contribute and have earned shots they haven't gotten yet. I could name 10 people who will face me for gold before you ever should.
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  13. U LOSE TO ME SO U GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE! as far as i consider u were fire and should not be here!
  14. Gohan, grow up. You aren't getting a title shot before Mania.
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  16. NOT IF I WIN THE RUMBLE! and i 22 dude!
  17. months? or days?
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