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    (Notes: there appears to be a small table in the middle of the ring with a blanket over it)

    The a LONG pause and this FTJ theme song started playing...​

    “FTJ” come out with the 2 Belts and enter the ring and get a mic:

    So you all know why am... So let's just cut the chase right now! if you all thought that I came back to WWEforums.net for WWEforums.net you're mistaken I am here for 1 thing and that is that IWT! Nothing more nothing less! I also have a contract like Brock Lesnar where I DON'T HAVE to come here every day... Which helping out Cartoon Fight Club been voice actor for him and doing other projects on YouTube for people makes it much... (Notes: I real do ,do this..) But as you see I have 2 belt 1 over my shoulder and the other around my waist... But being the Undisputed IWT World Champion... I think two belts are just too much for me... So It time to show you the NEW IWT WWE World Heavyweight Champion...

    (Give the 2 titles over to some people from the back that work for the IWT GM...)

    Without any further Ado here is my new championship...


    FTJ then put the title around his shoulder...

    This is the REAL IWT World Heavyweight Champion!

    And I am it champion...

    Now who should be the 1st person to face me at IWT Summit 2015 PPV this December? Hmm well to be true to all you I don't think anybody is good enough in that locker room to face me...


    Sorry but that's just a fact no one is in my league in this New IWT...

    But to be fair we'll have a number 1 contenders match to to determine who will face me at the IWT TLC PPV...

    And that all I got to said to you people for NOW!

    MORE BOOS...

    FTJ threw the mic his muisc playing and hold up his new title for a little bit and then walk out of the ring and leave...​
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    Hate to rain on the parade, but the IWT has a new logo, and I already introduced the new title...
  3. FTJ FTJ FTJ!!!!
  4. Good to see someone else is fond of his return. Cocky pricks be hatin' on this legend.
  5. OCC: What the new logo so I can remake it... Also this is my title.. I alway used 1998 WWF Belt... And as the Champion I have right too..
  6. GOAT is back!
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. *Updated With new logo...
  9. People are happy that he's back. They're not happy with the way you handled the match and you know as well as I know, this wasn't the original plan I pitched in.
  10. wait which character does he voice in Cartoon Fight Club?

  11. *Senhor walks down the aisle while swatting his chewing gum into the crowd. The arena is stunned as he hasn't been seen in IWT in ages. He steps into the ring and catches the mic behind his back. He slowly walks up to FTJ and stares him down.......before giving him a big hug!!!*

    Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Senhor Perfect and I am the advocate for my client EFF TEE JAY!!!!!!

    You people do not know how fortunate you are to be able to watch this once in a lifetime athlete. He is the most special attraction in IWT, he is EFF TEE JAY!!!!!

    This man is the one true champion! He has more talent in his pinky toe than all of the current IWT locker room! He is faster, stronger, better! He is EFF TEE JAY!!!!!!

    Be forewarned that anyone who stands in his way is predestined to failure. His legend will never be tarnished. We look forward to the first victim where he can once agin show his dominance.

    *Senhor then raises one of FTJs arms in the air and exclaims:*

    EFF TEE JAY!!!!!!!
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  12. Michael walks out and bolts straight to the ring, and grabs a microphone to confront Senhor Perfect.

    Michael: I signed that man. He's my client, grandpa.
  13. That's correct. He may be your employee, but I am his advocate. When he is busy doing one of his many projects, I'll be here making sure every last person remembers who the one true champion is....

    EFF TEE JAY!!!!!!!!
  14. Michael shakes Senhor's hand and is heard saying...

    Micheal: I didn't like flabby skin...until now.
  15. *Senhor pulls on Michaels arm , and places his shoulder firmly into Michaels chest briefly knocking his wind out.*

    Just because I've been out of the ring for a while doesn't mean I've lost my touch. I'm here for my client, so let's just stay out of each others way.
  16. You're a fuckin joke buddy.
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  17. who you talkin about, willis? :willis:
  18. OOC: It not out yet... I just staring working with him 2 months ago my new YouTube name is TeenGohanFighter which you can clearly at the end video it had my name on there... There going some new fights coming out soon with my voice in it... I can't said which one yet...
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    {As the 1st verse stars} Aids Johnson walks out to a huge crowd pop wearing Jorts and a FTJ Packers #4 jersey, custom. Aids stops at the top of the ramp to smile for the camera, before running down and sliding into the ring and grabbing a corner to pose. Aids is handed a microphone, before walking straight towards FTJ before being blocked by Senhor.

    You know I was going to avoid this confrontation, I really did. I walked past the locker room and saw the laughter, and the anger from those moved down the card in the favor of a one and done champion like FTJ over anyone and everyone who has spend the better part of 18 months in this locker room and I knew it was time for me to do what I do best and remind the world you aren't a real champion.

    You see Frank, I'm here to put you back in the indies where you belong. You enjoy the circle jerk you have going on currently, because soon I'll be showing how weak of a champion you REALLY are.
    *Aids drops his mic, mouthing a "pipebomb" before rolling backward off the ropes to the ground.*

    Oh, and Frankie! You can keep the belt, I'm not interested in that belt around your waist, you can lose that to someone who deserves it.....I'm just here to kick your ass.