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    FTJ Theme hit! It a mixs fans reactorsion!

    He walk down to the ring and gets in the ring.

    WOOOO! OH HOW IT GOOD TO BE BACK! Your going half to bear with me he guys because my my spelling is not that good. You known how it is being a "Jock" an all. People are thinking why would I come back to the compruy that screw me off and over again? Well I have ask myself that for months. But after being in another compruy ...... ACW? I have known the over compruy that I can Truthly said is MY HOME IS RIGHT HERE IN THE IWT! YES YES YES! Now a lot of things have change since I was last here HELL we ownly now have 1 World Champion! And some still stay the same, But you see FTJ for so long have been known as the "Bad Guy". But your see I am going do right weather you love me or hate me! I HAVE OWNLY GOAL HE IN THE IWT! AND THAT IS TO WIN BACK MY IWT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! I don't care who the HELL I half to go though to get my title shot! Hell I even take out are piss of trash of a GM @jonthern! So @Aids Johnson GET READY B/C I AM COMING FOR YOU! BUT FOR NOW ON I WILL BE DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY! MY PROMO WILL BE THE BEST! THAT WILL BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

    He drop his mic.... And walk out of the ring with his theme hit again as he walk out.

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  2. Gohan's one fan
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  3. *boos FTJ from the crowd*
  4. ("bear with me my spelling isn't good" [...] "drops the mic" #FTJLogic #immersion)
  5. Lol pussies out goes elsewhere then comes back? You and Aids should form team fisted by a sack.
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  6. Back of the line princess.
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  7. Also I just want to let everyone know you aren't even a real Frank or a Jock, I've been a professional FTJ (Frank The Jock for you none insiders) for the past 37 years and I knows an FTJ (see previous brackets if you aren't industry certified) when I see one and you my friend are not one.
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  9. It doesn't matter what you want! The only thing that matters is that you shut your mouth, know your role, and remember that nobody, and B.Dazzle means nobody gives a damn about you! Things have changed! The IWT jabronis could whip your candy ass!
  10. Whats the capital of Sweden?
  11. Why is my wall 4 foot high?
  12. duz i gotta choke a bitch for you to recognise my dong is a weapon?
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  13. Someone let me know when Seabs is done replying to himself.

    FTJ, there are still two world champions, and @B.Dazzle is the WHC, i am the IWT champion. Sure, i'd love to fuck you up, but it'll have to wait for a month or two while you have other matches to prove yourself. You'd be better off going vs Dazzle, as the WHC really is only entertained with people like Seabs, Senhor, and Christian.
  14. OH HELL NO!
  15. Please, this jabroni doesn't even stand a chance.
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  16. @Stopspot is obviously the capital