FTJ, The Dazzler says stop being such a huge jabroni!

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    *The Dazzler comes out from the back wearing his usual attire. He already has a mic in his hands as he angrily rushes down to the ring. He rolls in and stands in the center of the ring and goes to speak.*

    Dazzler: Yeah, yeah, The Dazzler has come back to IWT. We get it. Everybody gets it. The Dazzler ain't out here to pander to all of your or bash all of you. He's out here to make a challenge. As we all know, coming up this week is the Elimination Chamber PPV. This PPV is going to be one of the deciding factors on how the rest of IWT Mania will be. New Champions will be crowned, men will become legends, bones will broken, and dreams will be shattered. At E.C, The Dazzler will be teaming up with the rest of The Dazzling Chavs to whip the Jabroni team of Unknown, Aiden Ryan, and Edward Coleman. Rest assured, that The Dazzling Chavs are going to kick their candy asses like Joey Bryant kicked FTJ's. Wait a minute, that reminded me why The Dazzler is out here. The Dazzler is out here because of Frank the Jock.

    *Crowd boos at FTJ's name.*

    Dazzler: The Dazzler hates him too. Don't worry, everybody hates him. His mom, his daddy, his cousins, his uncles, his aunts, his doctors, his dentists, his past teachers, his translators, the jabronis in the piece of trash indy company he worked in. They all hate him. Just like everyone in the back and everyone in this arena hates him. FTJ comes down here and he runs his mouth like he's the best. He runs his mouth and says that nobody is in his league because he's the first ever IWT champion. If memory serves The Dazzler correct, that title win is the only match you've ever won since you started working here almost two years ago. The Dazzler has been here about 8 months and he already has more wins than your candy ass. Yet, no matter who has the better record, no matter who the people like the best, no matter who the more talented wrestler is, you seem to decline The Dazzler's challenges every time. The Dazzler runs you down every time, but you are to big of a bitch to fight for your pride. You say The Dazzler isn't in your league, but honestly, it's the other way around. FTJ, you couldn't beat any current wrestler on this roster. You couldn't beat The Dazzler, Joey, Aids, VP, Nick, Kid, Draven, Brit, Trip, Marcus, Gav, Kaizer, Aiden, Edward, Bruce Knight, Johnny B. Cool, Farooq, Dexx, Mike Boston, Unknown, Sir Lee, David, Alias, Jwab, Senhor, Sackfist, Reagan Cole, the camera men, the merchandise sellers, the announcers, the refs, or even Jonathon. They'd all whip that ass. Every single one of them. Or maybe they can't, but we won't know, because you won't face any of them unless it's worth your while. Face it, FTJ, the only reason your a draw is because people want to see you get your ass kicked.

    *Fans cheers.*

    Dazzler: FTJ, right before Mania we are holding an Uprising. That will be the final stop before Mania. The Dazzler is here tonight to challenge you to a match at Uprising. He's not sure if you'll accept because your such a little wuss, but he's hoping that for once in your life you'll man up. The offer is on the table, FTJ. Let's see if you accept.

    *The Dazzler drops his mic and begins to exit the ring as the fans begin a loud "Dazzler" Chant.*

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