Storyline FTJ What Next?

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  1. FTJ comes out to his usual theme song accompanied by two hot chicks, he makes his walk to the ring.

    Come I won and am still here And Dat Kid is not! I am the man of IWT so what next! Well I tell you I wanted to be IWT WWE Heavyweight Champion! at @Aids Johnson I will be coming after you nexts!

    FTJ then walk out of the ring!
  2. YOU ARE FIRED GO BACK TO SHIMMER :finger: :pipebomb: :pipebomb:

  4. *comes out with a microphone in a suit*

    Woah woah, hold on there Gohan, where you going buddy? Why don't you get back in that ring, have a chat, sit and have some coffee. I want to discuss something with you.
  5. Farooq u are nothing to worry mind time!
  6. I think you are misunderstanding where I am coming from, I'm not here to fight you. Now, you are a busy man, no?
  7. Non contracted wrestler challenges champ for title match. This is like twitter.
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  8. what?
  9. As FTJ finishes what he is saying, a giant blast of pyro goes down from the ceiling.

    Announcer 1: Aids Johnson? Who the hell does he think he is interrupting FTJ after one of the biggest matches in IWT history?
    Announcer 2: He is your IWT Champion, you idiot! The face of this company isn't one to turn down a name drop!

    Aids walks out with his belt over his shoulder, wearing a suit with his brewers hat firmly on. He is holding a bottle of belvedere in his one hand, with a microphone in the other. Aids walks down to the ring after fiving Farooq, and stands next to FTJ. He takes a large drink out of the vodka, before pouring the rest out on FTJ's shoes. Frank gives a look of shock, before punching Aids in the face, which Aids no sells before smashing the bottle over Frank's head, knocking him out cold. Aids sets the belt on his lifeless body, laughing, before heading to the corner and holding up his belt to a mix of cheers and boo''s. He jumps down, holding the mic up, kicking Frank in the leg to ensure he is not moving. He isnt.

    Over my dead fucking body. You think a cheap win you obtained by paying a judge to help you out puts your name up the card? There are a hundred competitors who are better than you, who have earned the right to claim a spot at number one contender. I am going to walk through Victoria Parker at the Royal Rumble, and then go on to beat five other competitors in the Elimination Chamber match next month. You can play your politics card to get into that, but we both know the fans around the IWT don't want anything to do with your pathetic, sniveling, lying bitch ass. You may have won the battle tonight, but that does not change the fact you have NO future in this company. When you wake up I want you to watch this tape, and here *Aids pulls a cure dvd out of his pocket* educate yourself on what a true champion looks like. You will be lucky to find yourself a competitor in the X-division after tonight, you vagina.

    Aids picks his belt up, spitting on Frank, who is still clearly knocked out. Aids rolls out of the ring, and walks up with his back to the entrance, shit talking FTJ while getting shoulder slaps from the fans reaching over the barricade. Aids walks to the back, laughing at the top of the ramp, holding up his belt one more time with Farooq as the show ends on a positive note.

    OOC: You will never take my belt, and never face me in anything outside of a public voting match, which we both know you have no chance at, son.
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  10. :hmm: ok cool!
  11. Re-formatted so it's readable. Dark blue on grey == unreadable :lol1:
  12. Thank you daddy.
  13. get out of boss guy! I WINNING TITLE BACK!