fuck deth

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  1. such a smelly shit faced cock master. I hope he dies one day by suffocating on a pool of his own vomit. While wearing skinny jeans. heard his breath smells like 20 different types of raccoon asshole. such a poser. Heard he caught his parents doing it one time and didn't even look away until 6 seconds later, fucking weirdo. I saw him finger bang his pet hamster's butt hole one time. yea, it died. He probably eats mustard. I hear the only thing longer and blacker than the stupid hair on his head is the hair growing from his ass. deth makes mexicans seem tolerable in comparison. deth's favorite wrestler is Fandango. deth is definitely one of those faggots who eats a bunch of greasy food and then plays video games without washing his hands and gets the sticks all greasy like a son of a bitch. deth should probably kill himself because I imagine his lifeless corpse could make better posts from the grave. deth didn't cry when goose died in top gun. deth's penis is so small he can only derive pleasure from fucking the giant pores on his nasty girlfriends face. deth drinks tap water. and probably plays disc golf. If I had to guess, deth will be arrested one day for, not something cool, but something stupid, like a domestic dispute. if every jew in the world died, deth would officially be the biggest faggot on planet earth. deth likes Fleetwood Mac. deth would rather smell like shit than apply for a job.

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  2. Lol ouch
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  3. My bad.

    I knew I took it too far with the Fleetwood Mac bit.
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  4. Could've chosen worse than Fandango. Maybe Miz , Punk or Chavo
  5. Lold at drinking tap water and not being shittier than Jews
  6. or Bryan. Oh wait, the truth is worse than any of these jokes.
  7. D'Z is obviously bored... 2 shitty threads in less than 5 minutes. lol
  8. shitty?? :why: :okay:
  9. Ok, maybe not so much shitty as just.... *YAWN* inducing lol...

    Fucking with you man
  10. Don't be mad because he gives me all the attention :pity2:
  11. Deth you should go your own way! Go you own wwwaaayyyyy
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  12. deth is Dolph's little princess....
  13. TLDR; something about Jewish people, who cares at this point
  14. I wonder if I posted this about someone, I would be flooded with assholes not taking a joke.
  15. You're not funny nor clever though.
  16. Yeah.....deth: All truth knower....
  17. That's it changing my name to deth 2.0
  18. Sounds like you described Adam more than deth.:hmm:
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