Storyline Fuck Hollywood, let's get drunk and eat chicken fingers!

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  1. We see Trevor Raynor in a trailer park standing next to a car. Ontop of the car there is a george foreman grill were he is grilling chicken fingers.

    Y'know I have had a lot of thinking to do. Hollywood was supposed to upstart my success IWT, it was supposed to be thing that gave me the background to a be success but, so far, I've been nothing but a failure. However, now I get my chance at Jwab's X-Division title. Whether it's a #1 Contenders match or a Triple Threat, I'm going to lose. That's right. You see there's a conspiracy against Trevor Raynor. People in IWT love Trevor Raynor and me that my promos are great and that I will hold a plethora of championships but, I continue to lose. Everyone is fucking with me. That's why I'm not trying anymore. I'm just going to be me and whatever happens, happens.

    Raynor takes a swig of a bottle of beer and then flips several chicken fingers as the video fades out.
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  2. OOC: Good promo. Now I want chicken fingers.
  3. That makes two of us.:downer: