Fuck Rogers cable!

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  1. Now I'll have to watch a shitty stream. TNA will lose a lot of viewers in Canada because of this.
  2. Sorry to hear it Canadians.

    So does this mean TNA will start to get even less viewership numbers going forward (from May 25th on)? Fuck.
  3. Shitty news all around. :downer:
  4. Fucking Rogers. Are they fucking retarded? SpikeTV is literally one of the channels I watch occasionally next to The Score, A&E and MuchMusic. Fack Off!
  5. Sorry about that Canadians. I personally think TNA should grow, not going back and make it a US only show, I think it should be a world wide show
  6. TNA haven't done anything, the cable company has moved the package to get Spike...
  7. I know but TNA can think about changing the channel or making an alliance with other channels to emit in other countries
  8. I doubt it's as simple as that, they'll need to negotiate a way out of this contract then into another also it's not like the channel is being pulled or anything it's just become part of a more expensive package. You can't blame TNA for this it's like blaming WCW for Time Warner deciding to fuck them off.
  9. I'm not trying to blame TNA because it's not their fault but my opinion is that TNA should grow and because of men like this it's not possible, avarice isn't good
  10. You think this is going to stop their expansion plans?
  11. Maybe this doesn't stop their expansion plans but it'll slow them for sure
  13. ^There's no way TNA didn't have them tweet that out!
  14. What makes you say that? The fact that they all pretty much have the exact same first sentence? :jeritroll:
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  15. NanoRah14 TNA will have like 0 control over this. After all, it is the whole channel they're moving. It'd be different if they were moving TNA from one channel to another, then TNA could have something to say. This isn't going to slow TNA down with their 'expansions' at all, in fact it could work in there favour if local news picks it up.
  16. I know it won't stop making TNA grow but it'll slow down it's growing, that's what I say
  17. It won't. Explain how?
  18. I mean that they're growing plans won't be stopped but sure it'll be slowed down, maybe the thing would make it grow is for example that this appears at FOX news that it's a worldwide channel and then some other worldwide TV channel likes the show and buy it, that may make them grow, if not I have no idea how could it grow tbh
  19. Guys I just heard Rogers Cable is moving Spike TV & TNA Wrestilng to a more expensive cable tier. This is crazy #wtfaye?
  20. So, TNA will get less viwers for this, well great move cable guy