Fuck the shield

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Fuck the shield they shouldnt of won last night all three are overrated and will be nobodies in 6 months time just you watch
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  2. lol noob
  3. Great thread.
  4. I'm so glad Kelly Kelly left WWE
  5. Yeah The Shield sucks. So how's Maddox doing?
  6. You are quite literally the most retarded 'smark', and I use the term 'smark' lightly, I have ever ever seen!

    You see talent in that dumb blonde bitch Kelly Kelly, but you think that The Shield are no bodies? What the fuck do you watch BLFFL? I mean you literally must watch a complete different show to everybody else on the forum and in the entire world.

    Please, please! don't ever make another thread giving your views on wrestlers because they're so far off the mark it's not even funny and I'm now quite angry I had to spend the time writing this reply to this shitshack of a thread.
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  8. Awaiting Crayo to see this thread.

    BLFFL you're putting a right dampner on the 1 year celebration...
  9. I honestly want to hear why you hate the shield? There's nothing wrong with them, they all have the look, they have the skill, the mic skills and everything. We all know that, most of us have watched their NXT stuff, pre WWE stuff, and current stuff. We know they are good because we see their skills, and they meet the expectations personally for me of what I expect from them. They are great in the ring, which was showed last night, they made a impact of a debut, they made their promos when they had them good, and just so much more. What sucks about them? They are rising stars, Ambrose and Rollins are future world champions no doubt about it. Reigns I acutally personally like, I can see him being good in the midcard picture next year. What more do you want? You're impressed by Maddox, a guy who can cut a decent promo if anything, who just looks alright, and he debuted by screwing some guy by hitting his balls. And so far he has been getting destroyed left and right. Sure HHH has high hopes for him but so what? What has he done to impress anyone? Nothing. Just please think about the wrestlers before you insult them please. You're coming off as annoying and from what I see you are acting like a troll.
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  10. Shield don't blow me away character or storyline wise (I find it unoriginal and a tad corny.) On the mic their promos have also come across as corny to me, but you can't deny that they tore up that match last night.
  11. Sod off.
  12. Hate it when people use an open bracket, but dno't close it. I want the rest of the post :why:.

    Another classic BLFFL thread.

    Your sig is awesome btw
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  13. Gotta love Okada
  14. Fixed just for you honey.

    It was more of a parentheses () than a bracket though []
  15. () Brackets
    [] Square brackets.
  16. This will be another case of American-English and English.
  17. British people. :lol1: () = parenthesis, [] = brackets. square brackets lol.
  18. Probably best to avoid the grammar discussion Hoss. :pity1:
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