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    Michael is backstage with a towel around his neck, and Trip behind him with his dark mask. Michael stands up with angry eyes and paces around the locker room area in fury. He turns to Trip and tells him to bring him his gym bag. Trip returns and places it on the floor next to Michael.

    Michael: I was screwed out of my chance to shine, again. I was screwed out of my title match. I've been screwed out of every match I've ever had and it's because of these jerk offs. I don't really give a damn about them and their opinion of me but it's obvious that these motherfuckers will hold me down for as long as they can. I fucking hate it here, but I stay because I like pain. I like it because I'll fucking slaughter everyone here when it is unleashed. I don't care if these punks bring their family, I'll maul them just as fast. I'm a fucking champion but these bastards don't want me to become the greatest motherfucker this place has ever seen.

    Michael regains his composer and calms down. He slowly stops pacing and sits down on the bench and takes off the towel around his neck.

    Michael: I should have been the World Heavyweight Champion, but I was screwed out of that. I should be a contender for the IWT TItle but that punk Joey Bryant is never around to get his ass handed to him. I'm the real World Champion. I'm the real World Champion and I'll stop at nothing to prove it to you and these bastards that have held me down since day one because they know I'm the greatest man on the roster.

    Michael takes a deep breath and reaches down to the Gym bag and takes out a championship belt.
    Michael: Fuck the World, I'm The Real World Champion.

    *Screen fades to black with the image of Michael with a cocky smirk holding the title on his shoulder as Trip puts his hand over the camera.*
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  2. goddammit
  3. I'm very confused by this. Who let you just make a title?
  4. Me.
  5. BIG character continuity right here. Michael does NOT play by the rules.
  6. Yep.
  7. I honestly can't tell if I should be taking this serious lol
  8. This is ridiculous. Sorry bro.
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  9. You know you'll probably lose it in the first defense you get, right? Unless the only way to retain is by losing.
    Same. Usually when you bring a title, you gotta run it through creative.
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  10. Does this place not have a GM?
  11. Gotta agree with others, It kind of is ridiculous with you just creating a title...adding to the fact that you've lost most of your matches....
  12. Just a question out of curiosity. Did Trip return before this thread?
  13. Yep.
  14. So... should I remove you from the Rumble match, champ? :pity1:
  15. Why?
  16. Rumble match winners get a shot at the big titles. If you're the FTW World Champion, shouldn't it be defended? :lady:
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  17. Check the PM I sent you.
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  18. Have him defend it during the rumble, whoever eliminates him is the new FTW Champion!
  19. Look at all these dicks being dicks for the sake of being a dick.

    I like it, and lolcreative. Fucked up the slammys (Thank you THG) didn't do uprising before it, all feuds at this match were built outside of it (not including creative members) it through creative? Usrs?
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  20. He told me about the belt. It's fine.