FUCK YOU Jonathan the "GM" of IWT from WWEForums YOU ARE A E-BEGGER!

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    FUCK YOU Jonathan the "GM" of IWT from WWEForums YOU ARE A E-BEGGER!

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  2. Will Jonathan fit through the ropes? Don't go into my computer Gohan.
  3. everything i said video were fact other then the going though a pc.
  4. You said please sign to me Gohan:
  5. A big SHEOT!
    JONO'S PREGANT! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
    HE NEEDS TAMPONS! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
    I'M NOT RACIST *clap clap* *clap clap cap*
    GOHAN'S LEGEND! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
  6. Your lying again Gohan, you did PM users, you pm'd Sackfist to sign it
  7. Thanks for showing this, mind explaining Randy?
  8. i ask him b/c he did it in acw online title. everyone else got yes or no pm. it does change what jonthern did!
  9. You said you sent all PMs saying yes or no, this shows an inbalance. Jonathan acted wrongly but so did you.
  10. uh still does not change what jonthern did! and he does acw so i did send to him so i ask hi m but ever elase got yes or no pm and that was before jonthern told me to stop send pm. so i started doing yes or no!
  11. he the ownly i send that one to check all my pm all the other were yes or no. and that b/c in acw he does rule like that but he told me no since he no in iwt anymore so i told that fine me. and i left alond.
  12. You're both in the wrong, who do you recommend replaced John as GM?
  13. I bet Gohan has a big Dick. explains his camera angle.
  14. @CM Punk he is fair.
  15. REALLY DO?
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  16. so you think we should have a new gm?
  17. I think he wants you as the GM.
  18. HELL YES JONTHERN SUCK! U should be the gm!
  19. Urrrgh. I can be GM, but I'd be really lazy if I were.
  20. yet but u would not cheat like jonthern would. i really think 2 gm anyway go forward. that way no one that had all the power over someone else. iwt is really moving in the wrong diction. hell even bring @๒гเtคภเςค back maybe good? hell @MrSackfist would be good but he run acw.
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