Promos Fun Fact: IWTMania II Mid card title match BETTER than IWTMania I's

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  1. *Lord Lee comes out to a crowd of haters, he is back to wearing his blue suit set-up and has his IWT Euro belt in his right arm and his ICW WHC in his left arm. The crowd boos him incessantly, chanting “Cheat” and “Lucky”, Lord Lee shakes his head as he slowly makes his way to the ring. He drops his ICW WHC belt on the floor and grabs a mic.*

    Lord Lee: Incase you missed the “biggest PPV of the year” which was also the “Biggest PPV in IWT history”, you missed me defeat Dolph's in a dubious and controversial match, where the referee called for the bell prematurely. That sucked because my opponent never even tapped, for all we know he wouldn't have, which comes as a surprise because I'm really talented, just ask Draven or Senhor. My opponent is not my target today but is more aimed towards the name I just said.... "Senhor".

    Now, my title match may now be seen as "invalid" or a "fluke" but at the end of the day, I still poured my soul into that match, just like Dolph's and better yet, at the inaugural IWTMania, Senhor Perfect was scheduled to face some generic guy no one knows the name of anymore or is anywhere near this e-fed or even its surrounding area. This match not just had no build or emotion, which I expect from the two of them, but it DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN, The guy I beat; Senhor, made someone to scared to appear at a match against him.. Wow what a mid-card back in the day...Now granted some might say he wasn't as good then as he was at this years EC, but this is actually rather funny.... Seeing as Senhor said to Alkaline at MITB 2013 that Senhor was like a "fine wine"...That's scandalous deceit to your then followers Senhor, your more like "bargain booze" that tastes decent at first but starts to tastes like a bitter, warm putrid liquid, along with its venomous destruction of your body and its functions. But if what I just said is invalid and Senhor wasn't lying then I must be AMAZING!!

    So you know what; me and Dolph's had MOTN at IWTMania II, it was the greatest mid-card match in the history of this e-fed and it wasn't even 100% legitimate according to some people. So I hope you're ready for me and this divisions future, because you cynical cretins are expecting mediocrity from me, when really, I'm about to explode this division into immortality, the late great Ultimate Warrior made the WWE IC division as special as the main event. As a homage to the man, the WARRIOR, the LEGEND, I will do what he did and make this mid-card division PRIME-TIME! I'll show Draven and Senhor that I know things about e-fedding that their senile stubborn brains were never able to comprehend.....

    *Sir Lee kisses his Euro belt and puts it back on his waist, he raises his fist in the air and valiantly walks to the back.*
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    As Sir Lee power struts his way up the ramp he is interrupted by Ziggler's theme. D'Z, appearing for the first time since the controversial IWTMania match, asks Sir Lee to stick around for a little longer. Ziggler comes out already holding a microphone, as he is always equipped with a mic, because you never know when you will have to bust out an impromptu promo on some clammy-handed jobber.

    "What an honor it is to be in your presence once more sire."
    Ziggler bows to Sir Lee and flashes a sarcastic smile before continuing.

    "How dumb do you think these people are? Come on man, what we did at IWTMania was a far cry from the greatest mid card match in history. Nobody marks for me harder than me, but I cannot stand here with a straight face and say that match was anything I will look back on with fond memories. You liken yourself to the Ultimate Warrior? Well call me Hunter Hearst Helmsley, because I just got squashed in a minute and 40 seconds in my Mania debut."

    Ziggler begins to laugh but then stops, as the smile disappears from his face completely. He paces back and forth in front of Lee as he continues.

    "Hell I can joke about it, but it really isn't all that funny. You talk about it being a great match....and dammit I thought it was going to be. I thought I had done everything I could to prepare for the biggest match of my life.. and I can sit here and make excuses about incompetent, or possibly crooked referees **What?**... about bullshit politics going on backstage **What?**.... About being held down by the powers that be.**What?**. But the fact is I didn't hold up my end of the bargain, and Sir Lee took advantage and whether anyone thinks it is fair or not, he still has his title and that is what champions do. They hold on to their championship and live to fight another day. Nobody can take that away from him despite everything surrounding that match."
    "The good news is, we have a chance to right some wrongs at Extreme Rules. You might be a bit of a fuck boy, but I know you are also a competitor. You'll take the win at Mania, sure.. but deep down inside you are just as pissed off as I am that we weren't given the chance to blow the roof off of that place. You challenged me for another match at ER, and I'm here to formally accept that challenge. Just be forewarned: This match is a double edged sword for you. If you come prepared, it will be the greatest match of your career and possibly help elevate you to heights you've never imagined. The downside is that no matter how well you perform, there is less than a 0% chance that I walk out of that pay per view without my first ever championship here in the IWT."

    The marks in the crowd pop at the idea of D'Z taking Sir Lee's championship.
    "So I hate to cut your little fairy tale short, but the only one who is going to be running this division is the gorgeous stud muffin standing before you. No more excuses. No more bullshit. Come hell or high water I am leaving as champion at ER. I am prepared to do whatever I have to do to come out on top. So best of luck to you, bloke. Now, shake my hand and show these people you aren't the limp-dick asshole they think you are."
    D'Z sets his mic down and extends his hand to Sir Lee as a gesture of good sportsmanship leading up to the match.
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  3. *Sir Lee smirks, he shakes Dolph's hand. Sir Lee then proceeds to just stare into Dolph's eyes, tensening the shake. Before Dolph's can react, Sir Lee pulls him in and headbutts him, Dolph's crahses to the floor, Sir Lee picks him up and does a pedigree-esque finisher (a.k.a The Ceremonial Hazing).* Dolph's is laid out and Sir Lee laughs in his face.*

    Sir Lee: Wise guy, eh? Sarcastically bowing to me, pulling more of your silly little wise crack tricks, your points against me at IWTMania may have held value but you continue to satisfy my cyncial beliefs regading you. You may not care for my nobility but in society it still holds relevance, ask your idiotic Murrican media corporations that churn out generic stories about the royal family your ancestors were so eager to disown. Enough about that though, I must now go, you're not worth my mobile battery to call 999, or 911 for you Yanks, so I'll leave it to the sub-ordinate IWT staff workers who do production or whatever menial tasks Jono-Pleb pays them to do. You shall regret your return buddy, no matter how many awards we get for our MOTY. See you soon sunshine.

    *Sir Lee jovially waves at Dolph's downed self, ridiculing him as he walks away, paramedics only just getting to D'Z, Sir Lee quickly super kicks one of the four paramedics before leaving.*
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  4. Sir Lee disappears from sight and the paramedics approach the ailing D'Z. Nose bloodied from the cheap headbutt and eyes glazed over following Sir Lee's finisher, Ziggler attempts to make his way to his feet and refuses medical attention. Taking a minute to gather himself, the crowd begins to cheer him on as he stumbles up the ramp. Still dazed and confused, Ziggler pauses at the top of the ramp and turns back to the supporting fans. He gives a Chris Benoit throat slashing gesture and the crowd erupts.
    Announcer 1: Sir Lee seemingly wins another battle in his ongoing war with D'Z, but has he awoken a sleeping giant?
    Announcer 2: Please.Ziggler is softer than Liberace at the playboy mansion, folks. I wonder if he is on Sir Lee's payroll as his personal jobber?
    Announcer 1: Well whatever the case may be one thing we know for sure, these two titans of the division will clash once again come Extreme Rules, this time with the tagline "No more bullshit".