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  1. Anyone here know of any fun online games to play? Like free mmos, and such? Dunno, I just cant seem to find a good free mmo that will keep my attention for long. Back in the day, I used to play Runescape. Gah. Go ahead, judge me bro. But dammit, that game was addicting, and I spent many many hours on that sucker. Any help would be appreciated bromandudes :robbie:
  2. star wars the old republic
    DC online
    umm that's all I know that are free
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    Dota 2.

    Hi Sandman! This is what you wanted, right? :bodallas:
  4. Is the Star Wars one any good?, I loved knights of the old republic games back in the days of the first xbox.
  5. I like it a lot.
  6. I might try it out over christmas then, the only other mmo I have played though was Star Trek online and i thought it was poor.
  7. Never tried it so can't compare