Fungis anniversary show predictions staring gav the chav part 1

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    * the camera cuts to fungi who is sat in the ring along with his guest gav the chav *

    Fungi : Orite there lads and lasses its me fungi welcome to the second edition of fungis predictions today I've got a little extra treat for you please welcome the former IWT champion the hardest **** in IWT gav the chav

    * gav the chavs music plays as gav makes his way out to the tv studio and sits down on the chair*

    Now then gav you fucking little cheeky **** whats happening? We all miss having you around in IWT anyway lets get down to business shall we

    1st match

    Michael vs Alcatrz

    Fungi : this match will be fairly close i reckon Michael has improved quite recently and long as he continues to work at it he'll go far Alcatrz is still relatively new to the IWT scene but has potential to go quite far I think Alcatrz will come out on top on this occasion what you reckon gav?

    ( Gav the chav ) I'm gunna have to agree gav loves his big guys And the big guy will walk out as the winner here i reckon

    Fungi - Alcatrz win

    gav - Alcatrz win

    Match 2

    Christian vs drake

    fungi: now this match came out of nowhere But will be a fun match yo watch whilst it lasts Christian might have been good back in the day but has he still got it? Has he fuck and that is why I'm going for a drake win

    (Gav the chav ) whoah! Hold on There you little cheeky **** I've been in the ring quite recently with Christian and trust me he still has it this will ve the match we'll truly see just how good drake is and how far he can go I'm gunna play it safe and say Christian will win

    Fungi - drake wins
    Gav - Christian wins

    Match 3

    Lord lee vs rayn vs lariato lars

    Fungi : so last time i went against lord lee and he surprised me and beat jwab to win the title and i ain't gunna make that same mistake again lord lee will win

    (Gav the chav) i have to agree with you on this one i ain't seen too much of the other 2 guys and i have a lot of history with lord lee so i know just how good he is sorry lads but lord lee is gunna whip your arse i reckon feel free to prove gav wrong

    fungi - lord lee wins
    Gav - lord lee wins

    Match 4

    lord lee and rita vs Christian and alias antonio

    Fungi : so the winner of this match will go on to vs the tag team champions and i can't call it its a really tough one to call I'm thinking maybe lee and rita might just edge it what do reckon gav?

    (Gav the chav ) i agree it will be close but i think the other team will walk out as winners me and dazzle have been in the ring with them and they are both on an different level And i expect them to go on to win and to also go on to beat the current tag team champions afterwards

    fungi - lord lee wins
    Gav - Christian and alias antonio wins

    Match 5

    Midas vs alias antonio

    Fungi : i think we'll see a title change here and i think alias antonio will simply be too good for midas he's had a good run but he'll need to be at his very best to retain his belt here

    (Gav the chav ) now hold on there you silly little **** dont Write off Midas that easy there's a reason hes a champion and gav has a feeling it'll stay that way just you watch I'm confident midas will retain his championship tonight

    fungi - alias antonio wins
    Gav - midas wins

    *the show cuts to a break*
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