Fungis anniversary show predictions staring gav the chav part 2

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  1. *the adverts finish as we return to the show*

    Fungi : Orite there mate welcome back to fungis predictions show so where down to the last 2 matches now first up we have the tag team titles match

    Midas and drake vs alias antonio and Christian

    Fungi: well first of all its about fucking time those belts were defended Its been way too long i also believe this will be the toughest test since they won those belts and i believe they'll pass the test but only just It'll be close but I'm expecting the champs to retain

    (Gav the chav ) here right ive been in the ring with all 4 men and i can tell you right now that champs will fall tonight i bet you right now we will see new champions tonight alias and Christian will win

    Fungi - Desperadoes win

    Gav the chav - alias antonio and Christian wins

    joey bryant vs Nick

    Fungi: i think we'll see an upset here and i think nick will win this you see unlike you gav i believe nick has exactly what it takes to beat joey bryant This will be the match nick announces himself to the main event scene and show everyone just how he deserves to be the world heavyweight champion

    (Gav the chav ) here cheeky **** listen up yeah I've never been in the ring with nick but I know exactly what its like to be in the ring with Joey bryant you see to beat joey bryant you need to have that little extra edge to you to beat him and does nick? Well we will see but im gunna play it safe and say joey bryant will win

    Fungi - nick wins

    gav the chav - joey bryant wins

    fungi : and that concludes the predictions side as we have 5 minutes spare lets talk about you for a bit gav so when do you plan on returning to IWT ?

    (Gav the chav ) i dunno actually I'm kinda enjoying this little break I've been having i guess when the time is right i suppose

    Fungi: ok then moving on so when you do eventually return who is on your hit list?

    (Gav the chav ) well for starters it'll whoever is the IWT champion at the time i still have my rematch clause and i intend to use it as soon as i return however if i do have to wait there is a few people who could do with having there little faces smashing in first up is @Solidus what an absolute fucking knobhead he is coming out at survivor series like he did and helping those FSW ****s to win the match like he's something special i would love to slap him around the ring a few times theres also marcus Anthony id love to get revenge on him still theres also aids Johnson who id love to have a match with one day

    Fungi : ok so moving on to the last question the chavvy awards are they coming back ?

    ( Gav the chav ) yes definitely whether its with b.dazzle or not though remains to be seen i hope it is with dazzle but i ain't heard from him for weeks but if not I'll have to find a replacement

    Fungi ok so thats the end of the show so until next time see you later you bunch of ball bags
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