Fungis Survivor Series Predictions!

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  1. *the camera cuts to fungi who is sat in an armchair smoking s crack pipe as he begins to address the audience*

    Fungi: Orite you bunch of wankers and welcome to the very first edition of fungis predictions today I'm going to go through each match and tell you all what fungi thinks is gunna happen so lets get started then shall we

    jwab vs Lord lee

    First up we have jwab vs lord lee for the xtreme belt now this match could easily be the best match of the night as 2 former cure members face off against one another I expect lord lee to put up a good fight and I can see this being very close but jwab will just have that little bit more than him and retain his championship belt

    prediction - jwab wins

    Ami Ennemi vs Michael

    Next up is ami vs Michael most of you probably look at this match and probably instantly write off any chance of Michael winning but where the fuck is ami? We haven't heard anything from him for ages and fungi thinks the silence is gunna cost him

    prediction - Michael wins via no show

    B.dazzle vs Rita kendal

    next up is b.dazzle vs Rita this match will be ritas first match in IWT so we'll see just what she's made of her opponent hasn't been dazzling as of late his career has literally went tits up since losing to gav back at summerslam and sadly I can't see him dazzling the audience again for a while

    prediction - rita kendal wins

    Team IWT vs team FSW

    next up is the second biggest match of the night and I'll be honest I find it hard to pick a winner there is a lot of quality on both teams but I think one team has that little bit more than the other and fungi can see alias antonios career continuing further than tonight team FSW will win this I reckon that's just my gut instinct and I'm sticking with it

    prediction - team fsw wins

    Gav the chav vs joey bryant

    now onto the main event I dunno about you guys but this has me quite intrigued on the surface you look at it and think will be an easy win for joey but you should never write off a chav 2 months ago gav cashed in and took the IWT belt from Joey and now he wants it back this will be the toughest match gav has been involved in and will come out fighting for his life but unfortunately fungi doesn't think it'll be enough and we will see s new champion at the end of the night

    prediction - joey bryant wins
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