Funkadactyl gets praise

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. ........:obama:

  2. wonder if there is a video
  3. I never really liked Naomi during NXT.
  4. I hate both of the "funkadactyls".
  5. :pity::bury::upset::sad::dafuq::facepalm1::urm::finger:
  6. Please Naomi, just stick to the dancing.
  7. According to PWMania, it was one of the best-worked divas' matches in years.
  8. It might just be me, but I don't even acre if divas matches are good any more, they have no meaning. There is no feuds, they're just there to waste 5 minutes of the show. I see a divas match as another advertisement (or commercial for Americans). Not the divas faults, if WWE doesn't care about them then I can't.
  9. It's not just you, most of the audience feels that same sentiment. WWE only cares about them for eye candy.

    It looks like we're getting a feud now, with Eve getting in the middle between Kaitlyn and Layla. But just like with the tag division WWE has proven to us that they won't put any effort behind the division or book the matches in a way that makes them watchable. Sad, really.
  10. Lets not forget Kelly Kelly was a pro on NXT 3 and had Naomi has her rookie. Naomi should defintely get ring time and quit the dancing thing with Brodus Clay
  11. Naomi's been pretty good in the ring since NXT actually. I'm not surprised. I remember I watched a match of hers against AJ on NXT, pretty good.
  12. Glad she got a good match, wished I could watch it. Anybody has a link to it? Either way I'm glad Natalya got a good match. Naomi and the other Funk girl should be a tag team and feud with a couple of other divas, could help to make use of Raw.
  13. Speaking of Natalya, she got a match on RAW last night which was relatively long. Maybe she's out the dog house and the farting gimmick :downer:
  14. the farting gimmick > all other gimmicks
  15. That gimmick was bloody stupid.
  16. That gimmick has been long gone :dafuq: and yes she has.
  17. Hopefully people forgot about that gimmick.