Funny Bitstrips

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Star Lord, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. So these things are all over facebook so post some funny ones here.
  2. I made one about crashing your GTA car, wasn't very good haha
  3. I hate these things so fucking much.
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  4. This. They're not funny in the slightest unless you have an IQ of 10 and aged 10. My feed is full of them.
  5. Can anyone give me an insight to what they are? I haven't logged on Facebook in months.:haha:
  6. This. WTF is a bitstrip?
  7. I used to hate em too, but if you can make em funny they're not too bad
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  8. I tell you what I didn't do today, and that's wish there were more bit strips on my faecbook. Shit is annoying, sorry.
  9. I make the best Bitstrips. Most people make lame ones, but mine are incredible. That is because I am incredible. I am fucking incredible.
  10. Aww thats cute. Get on my level buddy, im the king of bitstrips
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  11. Mine are just GTA references most of the time now :haha:
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  12. Motherfucking Nigel in that Vinewood Souvenirs quest!! When he impersonates the kidnapped actor and says "THIS IS URBAN WARFARE, MOTHER - FUCKER!" I love it.
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  13. Same :lol1:
  14. Agreed. The Hoff has not been on facebook in quite some time. I'm assuming they aren't funny, because, well, half of the shit people post on that dreaded black hole of a website is not funny