Funny Michael Cole moments

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  1. And most of this:

  2. Cole is gold.
  3. Michael Cole is at his best when a segment is horrific. Case in point:

  4. The wedding and the gong were two of the most epic things to ever happen in a WWE ring. So so funny.

    Two of my favourites

    Sound's really annoying but oh well.

    [video=youtube] http:emoji_confused:/ [/video]

    "That's why he's a teacher"

    "Hey, was that big dick Johnson!?"

    "Goldust gonna have to go back on the internet tonight"

    Loads of other classics but some of my favourites. He's a god.
  5. Cole is the ultimate troll :lol1:

  6. Counterproductive but awesome. Cole made that episode.
  7. Cole is a boss lol
  8. Those and any of Cole's interviews.
  9. Anyone remember cole's athlete's foot :eww: :terry: