Funny Ringside Confessions

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Those annoying things on tumblrs, Post funny ones here:





  2. [​IMG] Did BLFFL make this one?
  3. I miss Maryse too :sad1:
  4. She has nudes and many pictures, We dont need her, We have the internet.
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  5. [​IMG]

    I need that weekly.
  6. I miss Barbie Blank so much
  7. You can get it daily, Plus remove the clothes.
  9. lol at Adam. "There's nudes on teh web guis. NUDES!"
  10. It is called a joke. I think she is horrible in ring so I dont want her back.
  11. :shock: seriously?
  12. Maryse was okay in ring. Not to mention real good at playing the bitch. I would have no problem with her returning. If Kelly returned I would start flipping tables in disgust.
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  13. :nope: Well actually :yes: no but then I DONT KNOW! :idk:
  14. Maryse > bellas, cameron, and most of the other current divas in ring.
  15. Maryse is pretty nice and I enjoyed seeing her weekly on my television. :tough:
  16. I must of missed these Divas. Not bad looking though. I may have to try that web thing you guys were talking about.
  17. Barbie was so much better in the ring than Maryse and thats a fact just by watching that matches on you tube you can clearly see who the better diva was. Barbie should be back in WWE and Maryse can stay the hell out of the ring she is a mess. And lets not forget as I have already said Barbie was the top diva in the company not Maryse and not AJ
  18. NO. ONE. GIVES. A. FUCK.

    This isn't a discussion for who was better because we all except you already know that. Read the thread title.
  19. Melina vs KK vs Alicia would have been a Match of the decade nominee. What a shame. Cameron would have marked her tits off
  20. [​IMG]

    Think this isn't true so posting it.