NJPW G1 Climax 25

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  1. 5490 in attendance announced by NJPW for day 1 of the G1. Down a bit from last year in the same building but still strong
  2. Doc/Tenzan ***
    YTR/Makabe ***
    Fale/Naito **
    AJ/Shibata ****
    Ibushi/Tanashi ****1/2
  3. Terrible internet connection here, watched Naito/Fale and barely watched the AJ/Shibata match. Seemed good.
  4. Styles/Shibata and Tana/Ibushi. Can't wait to watch this.
  5. Doc Gallows vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan ** 1/2
    Toru Yano vs. TogiMakabe **
    Bad Luck Fale vs. Tetsuya Naito ** 1/4
    AJ Styles vs. Katsuyori Shibata *** 3/4
    Kota Ibushi vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi ****
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  6. Pretty spot on. Can't add much else, other than while I was watching Ibushi vs Tanahashi, I thought those two were wrestling like they thought it was the final match and not the first match.

    Okada vs Elgin in a few days though!
  7. Only watched the last two matches so I can catch day 2 in time, but Tanahashi/Ibushi was awesome. Damn near perfect.
    Styles/Shibata ***3/4
    Tanahashi/Ibushi ****1/2
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    I was really turned off by the no-selling of Ibushi and Shibata which doesnt allow me to rate them higher or consider their matches MOTYC.

    This moment tho
  9. Ibushi's selling was problematic indeed, but thankfully Ace Tanashi once again proved why he's the greatest wrestler of our generation. Just like at Invasion Attack '14, he turned his opponent's obnoxious habit of refusing to sell the legwork properly into a story, into a subplot. No one is better at conveying narratives than Tana. Yet another masterful performance.

    I can't wait until the spring of 2016 and marks writing him off once again.
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  10. The co-main event (AJ vs Shibata was so stellar and enjoyable) and the main event (Tana vs Ibushi was just great). Everything else was pretty much skip-worthy.

    - Oh, and I totally marked for this. It was one of those holy shit moments!

    - Then this...

    - Also, Bloody Sunday that AJ hit on Shibata here looked legitimately brutal, man!

    - And last, but not least, Ibushi lawn darting Tana into the turnbuckles was a wild, kickass moment!
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  11. One thing I did notice is that Ibushi missed the springboard, top rope hurricanrana by a good margin. Props for Tanahashi seeing the move through the way he did.
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  12. It actually looked awesome they way Tana made it look.

    This was wonderful.

    Tana's offensive is just incredible. That's why when you are in a match with Tana and you actually sell, it becomes a masterpiece. (vs. Okada IA, KOPW2013, vs. Suzuki KOPW 2012) I believe he's truly the BITW
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  13. I'm REALLY looking forward to Okada vs Elgin today. I'll really like to see how Okada approaches the match.

    I think I'll be pulling for Nakamura for the tournament, though. Okada's my boy, of course, but I don't think he needs to be IWGP champ and the tournament winner. It would be like back in the old days when Hogan was WWF champ and still won the Royal Rumbles. I kind of have a feeling, though, that it might be AJ Styles for some reason. I'd also love the final to be Styles vs Nakamura... that could be a phenomenal match,

    The above was one of the most unfocused paragraphs I have ever written and was brought to you by the BWO.
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  14. I'm pulling for Nakamura, too.

    Aaand, as much as I love AJ, I don't want him to win.

    And for all we know, Tanahashi might end up winning this tourney as well. Why? Because if they're looking to pass the torch, then the classic ME of WK10 will be Okada vs Tana.
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  15. I hadn't thought about Tanahashi, but that's a good point. Tanahashi wrestled that first G1 match like it was the final match and I assume he's going to do most of them that way too. Okada vs Tanahashi at WK10 actually makes some sense story line wise. It was Okada's loss at WK9 that started his character into that depression where he kept losing matches to Bad Luck Fale. He overcame Styles, of course, but facing Tanahashi at WK10 could be a huge passing the torch moment like you mentioned.
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  16. You know, I must've had my head all up in my ass when I was getting mad at NJPW for downgrading Tanahashi and making him work with Toru Yano for the better part of this year.

    Thankfully, I've realized the only reason it was done was because he needed to be freshened up, and having a feud with Yano allowed him to work a lighter schedule (multiple tag matches and such), so that he could give his heart and soul into G1 matches, a la that match with Ibushi.

    Whatever we get for the ME of WK10, whether it's Nakamura vs Okada or Tana vs Okada, it's perfectly cool by me. Although I'd prefer Nakamura/Okada just a bit.
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  17. Pretty disappointed with today's showing as a whole. Was pretty surprised that
    Show Spoiler
    Nakamura lost his first match. Elgin and Okada didn't mesh at all
  18. The fixed camera and no commentators didnt allow me to enjoy the show as much as I thought I would.

    I really dont know who I want to win this year's tournament. Well, I know, Okada and Shibata. But that shit ain't happenin.

    WK 10 Possible Scenarios would be

    Okada vs. Tanahashi : Which makes sense storywise but I believe Okada should be the challenger and Tana the champ. Not the other way round so I think they're saving that for WK 11

    Okada vs. Nakamura: But I just dont understand why would they "give away" the match at the B Block. I believe they are going for a 30 min draw. Naka and Okada are 1-1 so with the draw it would be 1-1-1 which means that the match at the Dome would be a tie breaker.

    Okada vs. Styles: I've seen this so many times plus Styles cannot be the first gaijin that wins the tournament. That spot is saved for Tama FN Tonga.

    Okada vs. Ibushi: Fresh

    Okada vs. Goto: Champ vs. Champ

    Okada vs. MiSu: Who comes back, fucks up the finals and beats the shit out of everyone at the crowd so he rightfully earns a shot at the IWGP Heavyweight Championship because, ya know, he's GOD (And NOAH's Champ, and savior, and everyone. Fuck, MiSu just rules.)
  19. I enjoyed the show. All the G1 matches were fun imo.
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