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  1. I know it's been suggested before, but I found a plug in that isn't bandwidth consuming.Plus, pretty much in every thread, there is 2+ pictures, so this would be a really cool feature.

    - Categories for images
    - Comment System
    - Keywords for picture
    - Picture Approval
    - Reporting of Picture
    - User Image galleries
    - Who is viewing a picture/gallery
    - Permissions for adding picture, editing own picture, deleting own pictures, viewing the gallery, autoapproved for images, and managing the gallery
    - Settings for max image size and max image width and height
    - Creates thumbnails automatically for uploaded images
    - Supports bmp, gif, jpeg, and png images

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    Link: http:emoji_confused:/
  2. Wouldn't this also depend on how much hosting space they have. As loads of images get uploaded it's gonna take up quite a bit of space. Why not just use a thread to show off images?
  3. We've tried installing that plugin here before and it wasn't a success. There is another plugin we could choose but I don't see a big reason to have a gallery here.
  4. The main reason is because it's crazy how many images people are posting in threads that have no meaning. I think the gallery would prevent more spam, picture wise. I also think it would be really cool to have a spot to upload images you make, into a showcase, or maybe just funny pictures you find on the web that are WWE related, or maybe anything.

    Ya feel me playa?
  5. I see what you mean, but sometimes (yourself included) people like to have little image wars. I remember yours with seabs. Not as entertaining if you have to link them to the gallery bla bla bla. It's quite a big plugin too - trying to reduce the amount of plugins we have here.
  6. What chu talkin bout Willis?

    I enjoy wqars with @[seabs] ... He's the best :love:
  7. :heart: you too Hoeski.
  8. Exactly, with a system like you're suggesting it'd make it harder to do that in threads.