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  1. The camera flashes on to a close up of Jason's face. He's barely conscious and has a look of fear and defeat on his face. The camera pans back revealing his body beaten a bruised. His clothes, once a white and black striped jumpsuit not a torn and stained rag barely covering his body. He sits alone in the same dark room, the door opens and light floods into the room. The camera is lifted and turned around to reveal a bunny masked man.

    Get up.* Slaps Jason* I said get up!

    Jason stumbles to his feet before almost falling flat on his face, the man in the bunny mask caught him before then. He stands him up and watches Jason as he limps out of the room. Limping slowly down a narrow hallway, the walls painted jet black, the path barely visible. The bunnyman follows close behind.

    Where are we going!? Where are you taking me?

    The bunnyman pushes Jason further ignoring his question.

    Finally they arrive upon a wide door, spray painted across it reads” Gallery”

    Open the door, go inside.


    Cautiously Jason creeks open the doors and limps in the room. The door slams behind him and bright white lights illuminate the room. Jason continues further into the room, looking behind his back with each step he takes. He enters a large room stocked with incomplete artworks, mostly sculptures and oil paintings, but toward the back they're some things covered but thick bed sheets. Jason goes to investigate them before he hears Frye’s laugh creeping up on him.

    I see you've made it out of bed, boy can you take a beating, most don't survive that...but it confirms what I knew about're are worthy.

    Arno Frye appears from behind and wraps his right arm around Jason who nervously sits still. Looks Jason in his eyes and caresses his face.

    Jason, you're almost there...perfection is almost in your grasp...there's just one more thing.

    Frye takes his right hand from Jason's face and reaches in behind he revealing a gun. Jason limps back and begins being for his life. Frye walks closer and hands him the gun.

    If you're going to be one of us I'll need you to make one last choice. Either you kill me and go home and live the rest of your miserable life, wasting all the knowledge I've given you…or kill yourself.

    Jason examines the gun and looks at Frye who stares on with a grin on his face. He begins to raise his gun at Frye and aims. Frye smiles and behind to walk past Jason.

    There’s something I wanted to show you Jason * Arno motions for Jason to follow him*

    Frye leads Jason to one the covered works. He firmly grabs the sheet but before pulling it off he turns to look at Jason.

    I did this with you in mind…

    Frye pulls the sheet off to reveal a lifeless woman slumped over. Her feet nailed to a wooden platform and her head in an unnatural upwards position. Jason gasps and gets closer, he drops the gun and begins touching Frye's artwork.

    I've never seen someone so...full of pure. Your wife...she was a thing of beauty.

    Frye looks on as Jason cries hysterically kneeling before his wife's dead body. He cries and cries...but then...a laugh seeps through. Another follows, slowly his cries become laughs before he begins hysterically laughing. He grabs the gun and lifts it to his head and pulls the bullets. He looks at the gun and throws it, laughing even harder. Frye walks over to Jason and hugs him as he still laughs. He caresses his face one more but this time he gives him a kiss…

    Welcome to the family, son.
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